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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Animals/Pet Care > Found Husky-Must Go
3/16/2011 10:05:55 PM
Found Husky-Must GoPost: Cindy Ferry
We found a husky, but it cannot stay with us. It killed our bird first thing, in its cage, with me holding the leash, just that fast. I have to call the pound to come pick it up in the morning if we do not find it's owners. Please contact me 657-6610. She's outside in the dog run, but he's putting up a noisy fight and I'm worried about her getting out and going after my horse or other animals in the backyard.  She seemed fine around the other two dogs, but I will not leave her in with them. If she gets out on the other side, out into the frontyard, I won't have any control over where she goes in the night. I hope I can get her to settle down for the night.
Cindy Ferry
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