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RAGLM Board > Alerts > This is in Nuevo, but thought it prudent to be on watch here too ~
7/26/2013 8:09:34 PM
This is in Nuevo, but thought it prudent to be on watch here too ~Post: Willow
For those of you in Nuevo ... Seems to be a couple dog scams going on besides all the other terrible things. Please be aware
BE ON ALERT!! We have had quite a few messages regarding incidents that have happen this past week in our town. (Please respect that not all parties want their location disclosed.) Being we are a small town, just be aware that this could happen anywhere). If you have something you would like to report but want to stay anonymous, please personal message NCW we will post it for you.

• Sunday morning a child was playing in the back yard when a man drove along side and began to ask the child where the parents were. Once the parent came out to see who this person was the man fled away in his car. Driver and car description: Hispanic male driving a blue Honda (type car) with 4 doors.

• Monday evening @ 10:20 pm … 2 men were seen loitering behind the property of a home making friends with the family pet. These men were dressed in dark clothing from head to toe. Sheriff was called.

• Tuesday late evening, all community mailboxes on Slumpstone in the Boulder Rise area were broken into. Each box was opened from the front.

• Tuesday evening a maroon truck was seen driving up and down the streets off Olivas with no head lights on.

• Tuesday evening a truck in the Boulder Rise area had been tampered with. The door to the gas cap had been opened only for the person to find a locking gas cap.

• Thursday @ 9 am, a neighbor in the Boulder Rise area was walking his dog when a white Toyota Tundra sped past, braked suddenly then reversed. The driver of vehicle stated to the person walking, "You found my dog!" The person emphatically told the driver that the dog belonged to him and he had the dog for several years with paperwork to prove it. The driver insisted that he had lost the dog a few months back close to the neighborhood. The driver wanted to see the paperwork, the dog owner told him to bring back an officer and paper work would be shown as he began to walk away. Fearing the driver would try to follow, possibly to try to steal dog or rob his home, he continued through the neighborhood, not returning to his home. The driver watched for a bit before finally leaving.
Beware! Do not give any more information than necessary!! Carry your phone, have it ready to call 911! Make noise let your neighbors hear you!!

• Thursday a family had gone out for the day, upon returning they had noticed their front walkway gate open. They thought perhaps one of the kids had left it open from earlier in the day. Once in the home, they hear knocking on the front door, one of the kids had opened the door (leaving the security screen locked). There stood a man telling them that their dogs had gotten out while they were gone. (both dogs were home) The child said no the dogs were home. The man insisted the child open the door to come see if the dogs belonged to the family. The child refused while the parent began to call 911. The man began to yell demanding that the child OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW! Once parent informed the man that they were on the phone with dispatcher he fled. A report was filed as they were sure he was just trying to gain access to the home. Please be careful about these tactics being used to commit in-home invasions.

• Also please see “Recent Posts by Others” , there has been a child’s mountain bike stolen, a stolen vehicle recovered in an abandoned garage, loud explosions being heard, a man lying in the middle of Lakeview Ave @ 6:30 am, what you should do if you have speeding or motorcycle problems on your street and much more.

• Megan's Law is an informal name for laws in the United States requiring law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders, which was created in response to the murder of Megan Kanka … please see link below.
• A link to as to why thieves maybe targeting family pets and a way to keeping your pet safe. 
Here is one of the links provided to help keep your pet safe ... http://www.paws.org/pet-theft.html
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