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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Perris Woman Killed In Head-on Collision On ElSobrante Wed.
12/31/2010 3:17:07 PM
Perris Woman Killed In Head-on Collision On ElSobrante Wed.Post: Cindy Ferry
This tragic accident happened just ahead of us on Wed., as I was taking my mother, who is visiting from out of state, into town to show her around.  We didn't witness the accident (thankfully) but, were just two cars behind the SUV and it had JUST happened as we came up on it.  It's very sad to think this all could have been prevented had this guy just been driving at a safe speed on these wet roadways.  Now he will have to live with this (the death of another, at his hands) for the rest of his life.  Accidents happen, but far too many happen out here from folks driving far too fast ... especially when it is raining out.
Then, just after we past this accident and turned right on La Sierra Ave, we got down the roadway a short distance when fire trucks and ambulances went sailing by ... to what we thought was the accident on El Sobrante.  But, it was to this accident link below where eight were injured.
Plus we also face mud and animal issues, such as this one below, that happened here in our community.  The plateau has been long known for areas that look safe to ride on and just are not.  I'm glad all went well for horse and rider.
It's that time of year, wet or frozen road surfaces.  All year we have to watch for silt on the roadways that make the roads more dangerous to drive, but this time of year has a number of added factors we must address and keep in mind when driving the roadways of our community.  No one wants to hear of injuries on our community roadways and it just sickens me to hear of deaths on our communities roadways.  Please, stay safe folks ... and remember to remind your family and friends that are coming out to see you that our roadways are not like driving in the city.  There are rural roadway conditions that come into play out here.
Cindy Ferry
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