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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Cajalco closure
11/14/2013 9:44:15 AM
Closure??Reply: cinder465
Is this future or past or...WHEN?? No details...
11/14/2013 9:20:12 AM
Cajalco Closure Is Very VagueReply: Hugh
No information on when, why, how long, link, source. Nothing.
11/14/2013 9:19:02 AM
Cajalco closureReply: Laurie
Lisa, I posted that to the site here yesterday around 4pm in an attempt to forewarn residents, because I'd been alerted by phone by one of our residents who encountered the road closure.  There was an accident and car fire about 2 miles east of Temescal Road that closed that section of road for a while, per the CHP.   It was opened about an hour later, I believe. 

My original post is no longer relevant, however.

11/14/2013 9:13:19 AM
Cajalco is OpenReply: Nathan
Cajalco is now open, unfortunately I was not in yesterday and it looks like the other moderators might have missed this one so it came in this morning. It was closed yesterday around 4:00 due to an accident, it is fully open now. Thank you Laurie for the info and please forgive us for the delay in approval on this one which may have created the confusion.
11/14/2013 9:04:22 AM
Closure???Reply: Dog Gal
Why was it closed?  And will this be a on going thing? Does this have anything to do with the widing to come?
11/13/2013 5:03:11 PM
Cajalco closurePost: Laurie
Temescal to La Sierra; per CHP.
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