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RAGLM Board > In The News > Fire Prevention Fee -- Total Hogwash!
8/17/2012 5:18:25 PM
Fire Prevention Fee RevisitedReply: Hugh
Apparently the "Fire Prevention Fee" bills are or will soon be on their way. Here is a link you can check out, receive email updates and information on how to get a refund. http://firetaxprotest.org/ 

Thank you Governor Brown and all the little democrat liberals around the state. We so appreciate how you find ways to steal our money. 

8/12/2012 2:56:28 PM
The state, taxes, fees and what's wrong with CAReply: Cindy Ferry
I'm not a liberal ... by any means, nor am I a conservative. I will say I do like your use of words "on the Government take." That is JUST what it is. Gone are the days of having more because you worked harder, gave up other things to make sure your family was taken care of and didn't demand that someone else give you the same thing your neighbors had/have. Gone are the days of making it or failing on your own merit. The liberals want the Federal Government to have its two cents worth in everything. That is NOT how this country was to be. The Federal Government had a given job and has way overstepped it's place. The states had the right to govern themselves but gave that up when the became the welfare recipients of Federal monies ... monies that actually belonged to the states until the Federal Government gave themselves the right to take our states money and give it back us under their conditions. I don't know how our state ever let that happen! I can only assume and I state up front that it is purely an assumption on my part, that it is due to all the liberals in this state. Riverside has been a conservative country for a long time and fear that soon will change also. We are ready to find greener pastures and can only say, Will the last reasonably thinking person in Riverside County please turn out the lights!
8/12/2012 8:01:01 AM
The Fire Tax--AgainReply: sheila
I have always enjoyed reading the emails on this site.  I became a non-meat eater after taking Cindy's suggestion to watch "Earthlings."  I buy most of my fruit and vegetables from Roadrunner Farms and have followed Nathan's recipe for organic pest control.  Ad infinitem.

But the neighborly tones of suggestion convert to critical over-generalizations when it comes to talking about politics and social issues.  Obama is "the worst president ever"?  Are Andrew Johnson (Democrat) and Warren Harding (Republican) not in the running?  I won't even bother going into the over-generalizations on undocumented immigrants, etc.  

We expect such knee-jerk comments from politicians:  they are being supported by their parties and follow the party lines.  And such adherence to their party lines (on both sides of the aisle) is what has caused our representatives to refuse to think for themselves. We know how most of them are going to vote before they have even voted.  

Let's begin to look at details of the issues (as KepSter does in his/her initial comment on the fee) the same way we have looked at some development or business coming into our neighborhood.

And no, I'm not for the fire tax.

8/11/2012 9:50:32 AM
Cindy And $0.42Reply: Hugh
I believe the question is, "Why did I break the cost down to $0.42 per day?" Firs off, that's what it is, $0.42 per day. Second, I'm probably going to have to pay it - just suck it up. The yearly fee of $150.00 is not the single root of the problem. The problem is the root "ball" - and the root ball is the liberal legislature.

Until Californian's decide that is't "Just Not Working" and vote the liberals out of office we'll suffer forever. Sadly, there are so many individuals and households (legal and illegal) on the Government 'take and dole' in California the chance of us returning to some level of fiscal responsibility is slim. But, it's worth the effort in my opinion.

My position, as a concerned American and Californian, is that I don't distress myself so much with the 'small' stuff. I look at the bigger picture and seek ways to make changes at the "main root" of the problem. There, in my mind, is where conservatism will ultimately win over liberalism. 

Just so you understand, and please, don't take this wrong, but I DO NOT sound like you. The only person I sound like is myself.
8/10/2012 6:11:23 PM
Here, Here Hugh & SteveReply: Cindy Ferry
You are right on the money Hugh! The tax and spend liberals have this plan and want to force it down everyone's throat, like it or not. We should all live as one, make the same amount, pay the same amount and share all that we have with each other. The problem with their plan that they just REFUSE to see is that you cannot legislate morality and you can't make people work and as the working class give up their efforts and give in to the lazy way, it will all fall apart and we will be another third world country ... if we are not a full blown One World Nation by than.

Hugh, you're starting to sound like me! You're going to start making enemies just like me as well. But, I have to ask, why would you break the fee down to a daily cost of only forty-two cents? What does it matter what it comes to per day when it's wrong, period and when it should be added into the total overall cost, if you want to look at the real cost. That per day cost is how the liberals sold so many sitting on the fence, "Well, it's only forty-two cents a day. You can all afford a meager forty-two cents per day." I say then let's use their all for one, one for all claim and all of us share the total cost and let EVERYONE pay a percentage of the overall cost for generating revenue for the Forestry Dept.
Cindy Ferry
8/10/2012 10:09:17 AM
I could not agree more with the posting of 8:19 today.  Back in the 1970s my step-father would tell me to vote NO any any bond issue or anything that called for a tax increase.  He was a retired LA Detective for 27 years.  Unfortunately the liberals will put on an advertising show to scare many of the dumb California public into voting yes for Jerry's tax increases.  Just watch it happen and we will sink even deeper into the hole.   We have lived the good life in America.    Steve White
8/10/2012 8:19:34 AM
Fees Aplenty: What do you expect?Reply: Hugh
Fees, fees and more fees: What do you expect? California has been controlled by liberal democrats for nearly 40 years. The voters themselves are responsible for the mess our State is in - the consistently vote for measures requiring billions of dollars to implement - while knowing full well the State is broke. 

Until California voters finally wake up and realize the liberal/socialist was does not work, and never has, it's only going to get worse. Only when California relives itself from the likes of Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Tony Villar (or is it Villaraigosa?) - Fill in your favorite liberal - can our State begin the long process of healing.

As cities like San Bernardino go bankrupt, with other sure to follow, the State is probably not far behind. Foolish Spending: This 'high-speed' bullet train joke is prime example - flush billions upon billions down the drain.

California is overrun by illegal aliens that suck billions of dollars in welfare and healthcare from the citizens, our school system is in complete shamble, huge unions control everything, businesses are moving out at record rates while welfare mongers move in. There is only one group to blame for this disaster - the California liberal voter.

I am not in favor of this fee either but there are bigger problems that cost a lot more than $0.42 per day.
8/9/2012 2:22:40 PM
Link to article on $150 homeowner fee for "fire-prevention" activitiesReply: Anne
Here's the link to the online article: http://www.pe.com/local-news/politics/politics-headlines-index/20120808-fire-fee-state-forestry-board-knocks-fee-alert.ece
8/9/2012 7:12:39 AM
Fire Prevention Fee -- Total Hogwash!Post: KepSter
Please refer to the article in the Press Enterprise of Riverside titled "As state fire fee bills loom, forestry board raps notice."

I am oppossed to this fee.  What kind of "state fire prevention services" am I going to get for my $150?  Are they going to come clear the brush like I do around my house, which makes my house no more likely to catch fire than the average house.  I challenge them to come look at my property, and I will add, they would be getting the better end of the deal if they just let me take care of my own fire prevention (and forgo the fee), because I would charge more the $150 to do what I do. 

All of this is a result of negligent governers and legislators that have given in to unions, and have state benefits and pensions that are untenible.  Why for so many decades were things like school bus service and fire protection just fine, but now they have to start charging for every single service?  Why, I already stated why.  On top of that, when you have more people living here, there should be even more economy of scale.  Technology and economy of scale should make services cheaper.  When you are paying a percentage of sales, a percentage of property values, that is a built in insulator against inflation.  Taxes should NEVER have to rise to cover the basic services govenment provides.  It's simple arithmatic, and it's quite obvious that all levels of governement have bloated their existense.

Time for big changes.
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