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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > AB1616: Sell Home-Cooked Fare In CA Legally
5/15/2012 6:13:47 PM
AB1616: Sell Home-Cooked Fare In CA LegallyPost: Cindy Ferry
What a great thing! Plus ... look at the at home jobs this could create. Look at the jobs for stay at home Mom's this could create. Look at the families this could help by bringing a second income to the family. It just sounds so reasonable and what life used to be like, before all the red tape came into play. I do hope you will read the bill and give it your support ... with more than a nod of your head, but with a post or letter to those in control of its passing. If you support it, please pass it on, post it to your contact sites you are on and so on. let's give this bill the voice it needs to get passed.
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