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7/9/2014 5:24:47 AM
Results of internet search for FUGITIVE DUST also link to CCAEJ if the links don't help.Reply: twodogkd
Searching the internet for "fugitive dust" here are a couple of links

PDF  "

What is Fugitive Dust? - Air Resources Board

California Air Resources Board
About half of fugitive dust particles (by weight) are big particles, larger than 10 microns in .... Law” of California, which prohibits the "discharge from any source.

fugitive dust background - Environmental Protection Agency

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Available control measures for fugitive dust BACM . 1-10. Decision rule ... were designated nonattainment for PM-10 by operation of law upon enactment of the.



Fugitive Dust

United States Environmental Protection Agency
1. CHAPTER 1200-3-8. FUGITIVE DUST. 1200-3-8-.01. FUGITIVE DUST. (1). No person shall cause, suffer, allow, or permit any materials to be handled, ...

Might want to call Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, located in Jurupa Valley, if the above does not answer your questions  CCAEJ .  By the way they lost two major funders and are trying to make up $100,000 of their annual budge lost.  4 Employees had to be let go.  Because many folks know of the GREAT WORK they do fighting for Environmental Justice they have already received donations of $40,000 but hey still need the balance of $60,000 to keep going.
I gave what I could, which at this time was $300 but even $5 or $ 10 would help.  They show their progress on the main page of their website where you can learn about some of what they do.  Penny Newman who founded the group is known for fighting the Stringfellow Acid pits as aI recall

To learn about CCAEJ visit their website

7/7/2014 3:50:05 PM
Fugitive Dust Post: ComputerTech
I am interested in the Fugitive Dust laws. What are the current and proposed laws? What are the fines and penalties?

Thank you.

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