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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Unbuilt parkway leads to lawsuit against Riverside County/Press Enterprise
4/29/2011 7:58:28 AM
Unbuilt parkway leads to lawsuit against Riverside County/Press EnterprisePost: Cindy Ferry
To our honorable Board of Supervisors and County Planning Dept., I wanted to say that I saw the article in the Press Enterprises about the Mid County Parkway. I wanted to say you have been through hell and back over this issue of the best way to move traffic and supply an appropriate means for transportation of goods into and through Riverside County. There are MANY issues the county is REQURED to address. This is no small task, by ANY means. It costs the taxpayers/residents of Riverside County dearly to do these studies. It's the right thing to do and worth the money spent when things then come together the way they should, giving all what is needed with the least number of negative impacts to the residents that moved to Riverside for all it has to offer and that want to keep the same. I'm one of the first to bitch when things do not go well for the peace and comfort of Riverside residents. There are many lifestyle needs that MUST be worked into a plan, whether it be a development project or roadways, which go hand-in-hand.
Being one of those to speak at MANY a hearing on this issue, I will stand now to say that the governing agencies of this county have been wise and thoughtful in their choices when it comes to this parkway. Its NOT just about the people and cars. The choices the county has made to scale back in the habitat areas is proper, wise and the right thing to do. The plan for the habitat has to come together correctly as well. The lifestyle of the rural residents has to merge in with the habitat area and can't be cut up into pieces. To do otherwise would means the end of the rural lifestyle and the habitat in short order.
You have planned well and have addressed the issues properly. The plans for Cajalco Rd./Ramona Express way have been in the works for over 40 years. The plans you have been working on just need a few more details addressed and worked out. I applaud the county for rolling up its sleeves and coming to the table with all involved. The issue of this portion of land can be addressed and the developers can still put that land to good use, such as now planning homes for that area, as I'm sure had once been their plan. Because new homes are not selling now, like they were back when all this was in the heat of its planning stages, doesn't mean this land is now some kind of wasteland.
It's not often the county has me praising their work, but I'm here to tell you that Riverside County has done the right thing in regard to the Cajalco/Ramona Expressway plan. It is much better then it was three years ago and I fully support their choice to cut back on the expansion through the habitat areas here. I'm sure the county doesn't want a lawsuit but, if it cannot come to an agreement and still protect this area, then going to court is the right thing to do.
Cindy Ferry
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