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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > RAGLM Board Members-Who Are They Now-Was One Removed
8/27/2013 1:21:28 PM
RAGLM Board Members-Who Are They Now-Was One RemovedPost: Cindy Ferry
Another issue I'm being asked about and cannot answer since I am no longer a RAGLM board member and therefore need input from the current RAGLM board members, I'm told that RAGLM held an election, members asked to cast votes for the new board members, new board members were put into place and then a board member was removed either once the board realized this resident was not within the RAGLM boundary lines or after the boundary lines were changed.  I don't see much info. on the RAGLM.org site as to the bio of each members or what the current boundary lines of RAGLM are.  Was someone placed on the RAGLM board that was outside the RAGLM boundary lines or was a RAGLM board member removed once the boundary lines of RAGLM were changed?  Was a resident placed on the RAGLM board and removed at all?  This is all news to me and I try to still stay up on issues of this community.  I can't answer the questions coming in to me and therefore ask members of RAGLM to address this issue for the edification of myself and all other interested members of this community and area communities around us that try to stay up on what is happing in Riverside County.  Thank you.
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