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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Mail theft in the Lake Mathews Estates area
5/1/2011 9:37:01 AM
Postal Service-Rural MailboxesReply: Cindy Ferry
LOL ... It's called a union contract, I'm sure!  I hear they bid for the route.  I'd think they were still covered by the union.  My father was a mail carrier back in the day when they walked the routes.  Hard on the feet, but no such thing as not delivering the mail because a car was parked in front of the box.  Back then they had to deliver it to the door of each house.  Gone are those days as well.  We didn't see mail theft back then.  Then they had to get into your house!  I'm sure this was is lots faster, they can cover a much larger area, or the quality of service has sure dropped.  Now the idea of bringing something to your door is out of the question ... with our carrier anyway.  He sticks the notice in our box and we have to drive into Perris and pick it up there.  It's only 32 miles round trip for me.  That sounds reasonable, rather then him having to drive 1/4 mile round trip, from the mailbox to my house.  It's gotten better here, but it used to be that many of us had to hand deliver mail to each other that the mailman put in the wrong box.  It got to where we would just laugh when one of us would open our door to see a neighbor standing there with mail in their hand.  I hear you folks in the Lake Mathews estates have a much better service.
4/30/2011 10:15:19 AM
Identity Theft related?Reply: KepSter
I have seen that our mail lady will not deliver our mail if there is a car parked in front of my mailbox.  I know it upsets her, because I've seen her yell at someone for it.  There is no law regarding parking a car in front of a box on a rual route from what I've been told by someone who looked it up.  There is one for multi-box community boxes, but mine is not one of those.  Personally, I wonder what happened to "niether rain, snow, or gloom of night will keep a mail carrier from the job of delivering the mail."

Now, back to the real point of my post.  I have had some identity theft in February of this year.   I wonder if it was someone who stole my mail?  I also had some attempted fraud on another account a week ago (I think that one might be related to the PlayStation Network fraud).  Either way, you should try to make all coorespondence from banks come to you via email.  It's too easy for someone to steal your  mail.  I am also considering upgrading my mailbox.  It already has a lock on it, but if I can reach in and grab, all be it uncomfortably, some of my mail.  A child could get it all. 
4/29/2011 1:44:29 PM
Mail theft in the Lake Mathews Estates areaPost: Laurie
Mail theft is reported again in the Lake Mathews Estates area.

Keep your eyes open and report any suspicious activity to your mail carrier, post office or sheriff promptly!  Also post here if you have any information (suspicious vehicles, suspect descriptions)!
so that your neighbors also know what to be looking for!
Be sure to pick up your mail promptly (don't leave it in the box for a few days!), and be especially careful about leaving outgoing mail with checks and such, in your box.
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