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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Community Events > CERT Training for October
8/15/2016 11:45:27 AM
CERT Training for OctoberPost: ElaineW

I know I'm posting this early, but time seems to be flying by, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it

CERT Training October 28th-30th

 (20 hours total-Friday evening, then days on the weekend)

This is free to all attending, and is paid for by Homeland

If you register please be sure to attend or make sure to cancel in advance

Fri Oct 28th 5:30-9:30

Sat Oct 29th 8am-5pm

Sun Oct 30th 8am-5pm

All days are required

This training will take place at 13289 Mountain Road, Corona, CA

Register online at www,RivCoCert,com

Or by calling 951-955-4700

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