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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > fishing
2/17/2014 8:54:22 PM
fishingReply: ComputerTech
Thank you all for the wonderful comments.

2/13/2014 8:54:00 AM
FishingReply: Lisa

Irvine lake, Skinner & Vail out by Temecula (one of those might be closed)

All of those are fishing only

2/12/2014 11:58:48 PM
places to go fishingReply: newmanpenny
Lake Perris, but most people, that I know will not eat the fish from this lake. Corona Lake, cost to get in and shore fishing got me nothing. 
Diamond Lake, not bad and the water is clean. (drinking water lake)
Silverwood, a distance from here but way back when I went there I caught some good sized cat fish off a boat. 
There is another lake somewhere off the 215 freeway that you pay for admission. I have never been. 
Oh, Fairmont park. I haven't caught anything there, and I would not eat anything from there either. But there is fishing there. 
Additionally, if you ever want someone to go with you I am off weekends and Thursdays. 

2/12/2014 11:46:38 PM
FishingReply: Laurie
Lake Perris to the east of us, Lake Elsinore south on the 15 freeway, Corona Lake also south off the 15 are probably the closest. Not sure how to define local, but out by Hemet is Diamond Valley Lake, and in the San Jacinto Mountain Area is Hemet Lake. There are other options not all that far away, but I'm drawing a blank on the names at the moment.
2/12/2014 10:02:35 PM
fishingPost: ComputerTech
I was wondering where there are places locally to fish.
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