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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Lost & Found > Found Black Lab - (Villa Knoll + Multiview)
12/14/2010 8:01:10 PM
Found Black Lab - (Villa Knoll + Multiview)Post: BrandonK
Dog followed my sister home from the bus-stop this afternoon and hasn't left since (now 8pm).  Very friendly, looks like he has been wondering for a day or two.

He is probably still sitting on my porch...please ask around to see if anyone is missing a dog, if not I will have to call the pound if unless he leaves on his own...unless somebody wants him.

Reply to this message, or email me at 'b.k.epke@gmail.com'

I am located near Villa Knoll and Multi-View.

(Attached is a picture.)

Click to view attached file (.JPG)
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