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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Zip code Signatures/Letters Today
7/9/2012 10:50:10 AM
Zip Code Signatures at Boulder CreekReply: Sandy
Would you be interested in helping us get signatures for residents in your area?  We could really use the help!  All you or anyone interested in helping need to do is print out the Survey/Petition from the website and take it around to your neighbors.  You can then send it to: RAGLM, 3410 La Sierra Ave. #F41, Riverside CA 92503 or call and we will pick it up.  

We could really use volunteers to sit on street corners for an hour or two to help get signatures.  Everyone seems to want the change but there are only a few of us that are trying to get to everyone.   We need to get as many signatures as possible by early August to send in with our Zip Code application showing that the community want this change.  Any help would be appreciated!
7/7/2012 1:28:15 PM
Zip Code SignaturesReply: edavis
When is the next time you are going to be out getting signatures? I think this is GREAT!! We would have loved to sign but were too late. We live in the Boulder Creek area and heard about this from one of our neighbors. It would be great to have the flier passed out to houses around here, I'm sure everyone would sign!! Thank you to everyone who is helping!!
7/7/2012 7:59:02 AM
Zip code Signatures/Letters TodayPost: Nathan
RAGLM will be at the Lke Mathews General Store today from about 10:00 a.m. until around the 1:00 hour gathering signatures and letters in support of the new unique zip code. If you have a letter you would like to drop off, or simply want to sign the survey, come and see us today.

7-7-2012  10:00 - 1:00 Lake Mathews General Store
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