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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Free Stuff > Looking For Free Egg Crates
8/21/2010 2:57:28 PM
Looking For Free Egg CratesPost: Cindy Ferry
We raise our own chickens.  We moved here to be as self-sufficient as we could be, and with the hopes of even more so once we got to retire.  Well, retirement got pushed off into the future ... as I'm sure it has been for many.  But, we still try to raise our own food.  We get our own chicken and eggs and therefore need egg crates to put those eggs in.
Anyone that's ever raised chickens knows that egg production fluctuates.  Some days we get just a few to maybe even none.  Then others we will get a lot more and have more then we can eat.  We will cook up some with liver and stuff for the dogs, from time to time (they are our daughters dogs and she's picky about what she will allow them to eat) and then we give some away to family and friends.  My husband will sometimes take some to the guys at work, for their families.  We will give some to seniors we know are on a limited income and so on.  Some of our family and friends do save their egg crates for us and even a couple of the guys at my husbands work will bring him a couple from time to time.  But we run out all the time.  We mostly run out of the 18 count crates.  Most folks get theirs a dozen at a time.  We collect them and give them away in the dozen size mostly ... LOL ... because that's what we have the most of.
So, rather than throwing yours in the trash, if you could save them for us, that would be wonderful.  If you attend the RAGLM meetings (which I hope you do), I am generally there and you can bring them to the meeting with you.  Otherwise, if you collect some up and call me, I'll come pick them up from you.
We enjoy giving them to families with small children.  They are always so impressed with the many different colors eggs come in and the many different sizes.  You should see their eyes when they realize there really are such things as green eggs!
Cindy Ferry
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