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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Boating and Fishing on Lake Mathews - AB 1686
3/11/2012 4:31:43 PM
AB 1686 - Waterways: Lake MathewsReply: Laurie

Before you support this, please ask yourself the following:

How much do you like your rural lifestyle?  Do you treasure it?

Do you like the lighting that now exists at the fire station and Western Municipal water districts buildings?   If the lake is opened to the public, it would come with more of the same.   How will that affect your night sky?

Do you desire more traffic on your local roads?  Opening the lake will draw more people and traffic from outside the community, putting more pressure on existing roads.  Ask yourself;  could the additional traffic add the pressure to bring back the mid county freeway issue through this community?

AB 1686 also allows Metropolitan to "develop" the  infrastructure and supporting  business that those who want to use the lake may desire.   Imagine an RV park?  Where do you want that?  How about the campground? 

Imagine "necessary" gas stations.   Convenience stores.    Do you want the lake surrounded by commercial businesses?   Yet more lighting and traffic?  And on Gavilan, Smith Road, Lake Mathews and Mockingbird Canyon as well?  How about signage to direct traffic from outside the area, to the lake, or these businesses?

Where do you want to put the water treatment plant that would needed, to accompany the opening of the lake, to protect the water quality of the drinking water?  That's  yet more cost added to provide our water and to protect the water quality.  Could that mean higher water rates?   Will Metropolitan Water have to acquire more water elsewhere?  Could that mean higher rates?

Think about how opening the lake to the general public will affect local law enforcement.   And your fire protection.

How will the additional lighting, traffic, people, noise, etc affect the local wildlife?

Remember that the reserve land around the lake was set aside as mitigation for higher density development elsewhere;  If that reserve is eroded, where else will that replacement land have to be acquired?  If the existing reserve is eroded to the point that equivalent land has to be acquired elsewhere anyway to meet federal and other requirements what is to stop the land in our community from becoming high density 7200 square foot and smaller lots and condos?

Once the additional lighting, traffic noise are here, how can you oppose more of the same?

There is a lake open to the uses proposed, just 10 minutes' drive from here.  And another just 20 minutes' drive.  And nearby Corona Lake is open for fishing.

Yes, it might be nice to have a lake open for these uses "in our back yard". 

However, think about the big picture.

3/8/2012 9:30:05 AM
AB 1686Reply: Laurie
Please, as always when you contact any of the entities involved, whether it be Assemblyman Jeffries, Supervisor Buster, Metropolitan Water District or others, please also mail, or email a copy of your correspondence to RAGLM.

This is so that RAGLM may not only know how our community feels about a particular subject  - but also so that we have documentation in the case that your correspondence should go "missing" or be "misdirected" (as has certainly happened in the past) by the entity receiving your correspondence.
3/8/2012 7:58:32 AM
Boating and Fishing on Lake Mathews - AB 1686Post: Nathan
67th District Assemblyman and current District 1 Supervisorial Candidate Kevin Jeffries has introduced a bill that will open Lake Mathews for recreational purposes.

Please note verbiage in the bill in paragraph 1.
bill also would allow the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to develop, fund, and operate any necessary infrastructure;"

This may be a sneaky way around making Cajalco industrial without vetting development at all as MWD owns most of the land around the lake and Cajalco.

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