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RAGLM Board > Riverside County Board of Supervisors Hearings > Federal & State Grants/Minority Owned Businesses/Job Creation/Riverside County
10/14/2011 9:08:43 AM
Federal & State Grants/Minority Owned Businesses/Job Creation/Riverside CountyPost: Cindy Ferry
This is set for hearing on Tues. Oct. 18. I think it should be grant funds for ANY business owner in Riverside County. EVERY business owner in Riverside could use aid and help ... thou you know I'm not all that big on the foreign business thing, but we can see how our country is now too, too DEPENDANT on this trade to NOT look at these options. As a business owner, it should be an option open to you, available to you. It's grant money! Will the tax payers of Riverside have to pay something to get this 'grant'? I want jobs brought to Riverside! I want more business to come to Riverside, so we can live and work closer to home. But job creation should not be biased toward any group of people. Job creation should be for all the people. This just further limits business opportunities and job creation, in my opinion.
This is on the agenda under the "Policy Calendar" and is agenda item 3.1 and is also set to be voted on/approved under a "Block Approval," which means the staff and Board of Supervisors do not wish to bring it to the floor, or see the need to bring it to the floor or feel the general public will care to bring it to the floor and therefore any such/type agenda item goes under the "Block Approval" motion and unless someone from the public does wish to have it brought to the floor and to speak to it, they just vote on all the items under that motion and approve them. Sometimes a Supervisor WILL pull an agenda item from the Block Approval Motion and bring it to the floor separately, for discussion and a more direct vote.
Please see attachment.
Cindy Ferry
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