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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Wasps Attack Horse, Rider & Dogs
10/12/2010 9:04:21 AM
Ouch - Some FactsReply: Nathan
I am so sorry to hear that. They are really bad this year, probably because of the light winter. I got stung in the leg and it swelled up 3 times the size and as far as I know I am not allergic. My 2 year old daughter got bitten by one and had no real side effects, just some puffiness for about an hour. I since went fact finding on them. Here is a list of simple facts I found:

1. They are Yellow Jackets.
2. They bite and sting.
3. They live in the ground or in trees, a lot of times in squirrel holes.
4. They eat meat so if you get bit, you may get an infection.
5. They can sting multiple times.
6. They make paper nests which get washed away by the rain.
7. They can have nests in the thousands of bees.
8. You get close to their nests and they get very aggressive.
9. They like bright colors.
10. They travel up to 3 miles to get food.
11. They will generally use bright colored objects as markers. (if you notice a lot of them around your nice patio umbrella, move it away from the house.
12. The Queen will hibernate for the winter and in the spring come out to find a nesting area.
13. Spring time is the best time for traps.
14. Traps are $2.49 at Lowe's and worth every penny.

I bought for standard yellow jacket traps($2.49) and 2 WHY traps($14.95). The standard ones worked 10 times better than the WHY ones. The WHY traps are for Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets. I have attached a picture of my traps less then 24 hours after placing them on my property. You will be amazed. Hope this helps. BEE Careful.

Click to view attached file (.gif)
10/11/2010 3:21:33 PM
Wasps Attack Horse, Rider & DogsPost: Sandy
Just wanted to let everyone know about a wasp attack a resident suffered last week.  When she wrote this she thought they were bees, but found out later they were wasps that came out of the ground. This is the description of the attack in her own words.

"I was riding my mare off of Lake Mathews Dr and Cajalco, Sunday 9/19/10 with my two dogs when suddenly my mare started jumping around like crazy.  At first I thought we had stepped on a snake, but soon realized that we were being attacked by bees!  First I was just getting hit in the face by a few of them, but suddenly thousands of them were swarming around us.  The noise was deafening.  I looked down at my leg and there were at least 100 bees on it.  They were up under my sunglasses, in my hair, had gotten under the sleeve of my t-shirt and were on my back and chest.  It took me a few seconds to understand what was happening and that the bees meant to kill us.  Once it dawned on me I almost panicked, but luckily my mare and I meant to stay alive.  We took off running, ran for a few hundred yards, stopped, but they were still coming.  Had to run again and this time we managed to get away from them.

 We made it back to barn, I sprayed her down with bug repellent (a little late), and myself too. I was stung about 50-60 times and so was my horse.  Dogs had stings on their faces.  After that, home to the Benadryl and cortisone cream.   

I notified the Lake Mathews Reserve about "their" bees, and Riverside County too, although no one's all that interested.  

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