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12/23/2011 7:55:53 AM
Our Family In NeedPost: Cindy Ferry
In a message dated 12/22/2011 10:44:45 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, tmcenterprises@earthlink.net writes:
I'd like to share something that I experienced about the generosity of our area. I was in a checkout line to purchase a gift card to a grocery store for our family in need, and engaged in general chit- chat with the gentleman in line behind me. He made comment about my not having any items, and I shared that our community was helping a family in need this holiday, including grocery cards, gas cards, gifts etc. Once I had completed my purchase of the gift cards, he asked me to wait. He then told the checker to give HIM a gift card also, which he then handed to me - someone he didn't know- to add to the items for this family.

Whoever you are, wherever you are - Thank you so much, "Carl".
It is so incredibly heartwarming in these times of economic downturn, over-spending and greed to see everyday people with hearts the size of watermelons give so generously. It gives me hope that there still are enough of those type people out there to save this planet and this country. This year we have heard so many heartwarming stories of kindness and it has so lifted my spirits and made this holiday season one that is truly spiritual and about what this time of celebration is supposed to be about. What a great community we have here in Riverside County! This person lives in the Woodcrest area and we have always found such kind hearts there.
I got a text message late last night from our family in need. She had picked up the gifts and cards and food and taken them straight to her daughters house, where they will all gather for the holidays. She said her daughter was so surprised to see so many gifts and how kind our community had been. She said that her daughter wanted her to give her thanks to all of you that donated and that she, herself, was so surprised and thankful for everything everyone has done to help her. Laurie Taylor, Vice Chair of RAGLM was here when the Mom came to pick things up and she can tell you, the Mom cried a couple of times, she was so thankful for the help. This is such a good thing ... for me ... and I think our community. It allows me to pull away from all that "stuff" I try to stay up on and knowledgeable about all year, and which can be very frustrating and depressing. But, this community giving we do together, it shows the best side of our community, brings us together and reminds us that through all that "stuff" this is what it's all about and this is a wonderful place to live.
Happy holidays everyone!
Cindy Ferry
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