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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Our U.S. Dollar Worth Less - Stansberry's Investment Advisory
4/24/2011 5:40:53 PM
Our U.S. Dollar Worth Less - Stansberry's Investment AdvisoryPost: Cindy Ferry
Reposting as it fits with another post I want to send out to you. You should watch it to hear where they say our U.S. dollar is going. If you've been watching the news, you've heard about how the devaluing of our dollar is happening and how our credit rating as a country has fallen. This gives you some idea where that could take this county and your way of life. I'm not trying to tell you to believe it. I am telling you that you should at least think, "What if" and then plan for the either or. Imagine, states within our own country, today, accepting currency other than the U.S. dollar. That sure speaks loudly to me. Does it to you? I'm not saying to buy his book. I'm saying please listen and think about what you are going to do IF ... IF ... he is right and our U.S. dollar become worth less and less.
Cindy Ferry
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