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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Cajalco Rd Business Center ~
9/6/2015 2:09:21 PM
Majestic: Answers to LocationReply: Gayle Geer
Thank you all!
9/6/2015 10:01:31 AM
CajalcoReply: Tonette
I found a location! It's at Cajalco and the 215, the north and west side of the interchange, as far as Harley Knox.
9/6/2015 9:34:24 AM
majestic freeway centerReply: Linda
It is by 215 around March Air base. You can Google it.
9/6/2015 9:13:56 AM
Majestic Business CenterReply: STEVE&TRACY
Cajalco/Ramona Expressway and Harley Knox
9/5/2015 7:40:12 PM
Majestic: Anyone know the cross street for this?Reply: Gayle Geer
Just curious. I don't see anything about its location (other than Cajalco) on the internet.
9/5/2015 8:52:09 AM
Cajalco Rd Business Center ~Post: Willow

Majestic Freeway Business Center

 on Cajalco Rd


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