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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > WMWD gave us a raw deal.
4/26/2012 10:48:03 AM
Delphi explainedReply: Roy
I'm sorry, I certainly do not want to lose anyone who is interested, by using insider jargon, since I myself am new to these concepts and terminology.  The Delphi Technique was developed by a think tank.  It is used to bring a group to a consensus and move them toward an objective.  Ideally, the group being manipulated is unaware they are being pushed to a predetermined goal.  This is done by meetings, polls, and other forums where the input is limited, the choices limited, the answers to questions limited or rehearsed, and the public thinks they have been included in the process of decision making, but the reality is they were NEVER INCLUDED in the real meetings where the decisions were already made.  We were treated like peasants or children by WMWD, and now we will be punished as such by their water budgets.  The same goes for SCE with TOU and smart meters, and on and on...
4/25/2012 7:51:49 PM
delphied?Reply: Tonette
you lost me on "delphied". Yes, I did look it up, in many sources. Please clarify?
4/24/2012 10:00:41 PM
DelphiedReply: Susan
We got delphied all right!  Thanks for the info, it's high time we all know what is going on ... Susan
4/24/2012 9:40:13 AM
You're Catching On Roy!Reply: Cindy Ferry

25 years I've been doing this dance, fighting this fight. We need an MOU for "Rural Life" or "Rural Community" in order to protect they way of life some of us can only live under. Some just cannot live a city life. You've heard of the 3 second rule, well, they have the 3 min. rule. Get these city folks to move out here and then demand no less than a 3 min. drive to school, sports parks, Starbucks and B & N. in comes "Rural Commercial" and some 28 plus types of businesses. The water company will never turn down more customers, more money! Once they get them on the "Keep Up With The Jones’s" treadmill, they have won and for far too many it's easier to give in than fight.

4/23/2012 10:31:11 PM
WMWD gave us a raw deal.Post: Roy
In reference to the recently implemented water budget, or should I call it their social engineering and compliance tool?  There were meetings held to gather our input (pretending to value our opinions). Did you notice the meeting was lead by a facilitator (Tim Barr at one meeting I attended).  Did you notice the outcome of the meeting was predetermined?  Did you notice they tried to reach "consensus" by referring to phone polls that nobody in the assembly had been included in?  Did you notice that within 24 hours of the final meeting for "listening to public opinion", that the WMWD had voted to go ahead with the implementation of water budgets and they had their new website up congratulating and welcoming the arrival of water budgets?  Funny how that all happened so fast, unless they already knew the outcome and had NO regard for our opinion, what so ever.  We got "Delphied"  Look it up.  Oh, and in case you wondered, yes it is part of the overall plan to make your rural life harder and harder, your rural property worth less and less, until you give up and move to the city, where the humans belong.  Agenda 21
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