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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Arrested for refusing Smart Meter
1/25/2013 11:21:32 AM
Way to go Nathan!Reply: BillB
This poor unfortunate woman had two strikes against her. First: she lives in the communist republic of Illinois -- arguably, the most corrupt state in the union. Second: she went about this the wrong way. She could have easily refused to be connected to the grid. It's perfectly legal and only takes enough money to construct an independent power system. Even King Obama would hail that action.
1/25/2013 11:05:35 AM
Arrested for refusing Smart MeterPost: Nathan
Make sure you do not question the new king. His energy policy at work locally. Take your medicine and like it apparently. When the king stated "under his energy plan prices WOULD necessarily skyrocket", is this what you thought he meant? Where are OUR 5th amendment rights? Perhaps gone with our first and now second.

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