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RAGLM Board > Road Issues > Gavilan Road Update
9/7/2011 6:30:26 PM
Gavilan Road UpdateReply: JB
I will NOT hold my breath...but would be SOOOOOOOO happy to see this actually happen!   I noticed the side of the hill eroding away on the uphill incline from Cajalco...on the right side(getting close to the actual road).  I hope that is addressed with this project.  

Wish they wouldn't have wasted so much time and money doing band-aid pot hole filling ...over and over and over and over!  This project should have been done so many years ago. 
9/7/2011 10:43:50 AM
Gavilan Road UpdatePost: Nathan
I was told by a county official that they would be putting in a city style curb down Gavilan road that will go by the mobile home park. It will be made of concrete and include a 24 inch gutter so it will not erode away. They will also be putting in safety guard rails in certain areas as well as resurfacing the road.

The job is up for bid right now and they are looking to start on it around the holiday season.

Find more information here.
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