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RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Autism and the Cajalco Expansion Project / Mid-County Parkway
12/19/2010 11:22:49 AM
Autism and the Cajalco Expansion ProjectReply: Willow
Thank you, Nathan & Cindy,
I add that it is not only autism, but asthma and a long list of other conditions and diseases that have been also proven to clump around
living adjacent to these automobile transportation highways and freeways. 

It is strongest within the first 5 miles near to the freeway/highway.  But the bad affects continue on out further and affect the health of the individuals within a longer distance.
12/18/2010 8:30:18 AM
Autism/Cajalco Expansion/Mid-County ParkwayReply: Cindy Ferry
This was one of the studies the community used to get the Mid County Parkway off the table.  We already have to deal with the county expansion of Cajalco Road to accommodate the thousands of homes going in the Mead Valley area.  The last thing this rural community needs is a second freeway at the top of the Gavilan Plateau, where the little agriculture and habitat the county has left would be so greatly effected and the rural way of life of this area would be so negatively impacted.  Luckily for us, the county agreed and pulled the Mid Count Parkway plan they were working on with the State and Federal transportation Commissions (RCTC).  This is one of the reasons RAGLM works so hard to keep up with the counties plans to develop residential, commercial and industrial business and to expand the transit ways that crisscross this county.
We need and want business, but it needs to be the types of business that the folks that live here do, so we can keep our folks living, working and shopping right here in Riverside.  This has positive impacts all the way around, pollution, traffic congestion, time with family and revenue generation for the county.  But we have to have controlled growth.  Constant home building that keeps more people than jobs means NEVER fixing the problem.
What's the point to working your life away and destroying the health of our children at such a young age, when we could do this all so much better ... if we just use a little more reason and better planning.
Cindy Ferry
Proud member of: RAGLM.org
12/17/2010 3:21:20 PM
Autism and the Cajalco Expansion Project / Mid-County ParkwayPost: Nathan
A new study today finds that mothers who live close to a freeway during pregnancy doubles the chance of their child having autism.

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