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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Smart Meter Push Again - Some Fuel for You - What You MUST Know.
4/8/2012 5:37:54 PM
Smart Meter SignReply: ComputerTech
Never mind my attachment. It was a .pdf but that doesn't work here. The link to the .pdf file is http://www.turn.org/downloads/TURN-Do-Not-Install-the-Smart-Meter.pdf  I have this printout duct taped to my panel above my meter.

Corix utilities has called me and come out, only to find this sign directly above my meter. The next day I find the sign on the ground. I tape it back up with duct tape. Next day, automated phone call - they will come out and upgrade my meter. Again I find the sign on the ground. I tape it back up. There is no way wind blows down a piece of paper taped with 5 pieces of duct tape.  I am now wondering if tearing down a sign on private property constitutes vandalism.

Click to view attached file (.png)
4/4/2012 3:21:13 PM
ToU and Solar PowerReply: Anders
Electric use strategy is indeed important when on a Time Of Use (TOU) rate schedule.  And, solar power is also most effective when TOU rates are the highest.  However, I gave a presentation in January on Solar Power and discussed different financing options.  Out of three alternatives:  Contractor Installation, Do It Yourself, and Leasing - leasing is by far the worst alternative from a cost point of view.  Furthermore, the leasing company owns the Solar Power system, which means that if you sell your house either the lease has to be terminated or the new buyers take over the lease.  My presentation can be found on the RAGLM website and I would be happy to answer any questions.
4/4/2012 9:50:43 AM
TOU can save with strategyReply: MayorShinn
I posted about Time of Use and got a lot of response. The rates are lower if you do your washing, dishwashing, pool pump, or any other large electricity using chore after 6PM. With solar panels you are producing power during the highest rate period. Some solar companies will put them in at no cost for a lease. Each person would have to do the math to see if this will save money. It will probably be a wash to start, but as rates rise, and they will, savings will increase. SCE uses time of use to encourage consumers to conserve during the peak use times. It's a lot better than having brown outs.
4/4/2012 3:35:21 AM
Edison GreedReply: Cindy Ferry
And those that work nights?  Because they are home during the day and would be using power during these hours they will be punished?  Stay at home parents that raise their own children, they don't have their children in a daycare center all day.  So they will be punished?  Retired people that are home all the time, they will be punished?  Does this EVEN seem fair?  If they have a peek use problem then deal with business and governmental agencies to shift work hours to spread the use out more that way. They created this system and forced all of us into it and now use that very system to beat us up with? We've got to get back to basics and get off these monopoly systems that work to enslave us and take more and more of our money while giving us less and telling us to use even less than that. We should have the right to build our own and use our own solar systems and be disconnected from these power hungry utilities. The work force sees the savings in having employees work from home and when they start doing that the utilities use that to their advantage to tier us to death.
4/3/2012 9:09:47 PM
Smart meter replyReply: Roy
Both smart meter and time of use TOU are capable of reporting when you are using power and how much.  It would be easy to look at patterns of usage to see when you are home or away.  Want to rob a home?  Ask your Edison buddy to tell you if the coast is clear.  Government looking for you?  They can tell if you're probably at home, awake, or asleep.  These are things I'm sure are already happening as they are so easy to do.  Take it a step further and Big Brother can manipulate and abuse you in many ways.  Say your brother is out of work and his family moves in with you.  But your City knows how many bedrooms you have and suddenly they see a jump in your power use which would indicate more people than you have bedrooms for.  This could be a zoning or code enforcement violation and a fine, and fines are revenue, and we all know they want revenue any way they can get it!  You can easily imagine Edison companies sharing information with anyone willing to pay.  Same with the smart meter on your water system.  What happens when you combine the information of water and power?  An invasion of privacy that must not be tolerated.  Just sell us the commodity, cut the manipulation out, and sell it at a fair price.  Dumb meters rule!
4/3/2012 2:17:38 PM
Time of Use rates won't help us -Reply: Laurie
Being self employed, I mostly work from home.  Stopping work every day from 10am to 6pm isn't a realistic option, and working with the lights out or the computer off also aren't realistic.

We also have a retired member of the household who is here 24/7.   Things like watching daytime TV and reading (requiring lighting) are among their preferred pasttimes.

As things are now, we tend to stay within the lower tiers.  If we get the "time of use" setup with the smart meters, our bills will most certainly climb.
4/3/2012 12:50:18 PM
reference smart metersReply: Paula Vice
As for the smart meters, are you saying on top of already being on a 5-teired system with edison. The more you use the higher they placed you in the system to make you pay more per kWH. So that isn't enough that they are now, with the smart meters, on top of the teir system they are now charging you more higher rates when you use electric between the hours of 10-6pm M-F. As for the lower night and weekends, that is sooo nice of them. How long is that going to last.  With the analog meters they only know what you use for the month and the teir system can only apply, with the smart meter they know when you are using it and at what time so they can charge you more. I got it now! Not everyone can afford solar panels nor does everyone own their homes. Some may call that social engineering, I am sure some have other words to discribe better. I know many that have lost their homes, jobs and it is all they can do to make ends meet. I really don't even have words for how I feel about the edison right now except that I am not letting them place a smart meter on my home. Even if it just out of spite. Several of my friends are upset because their edison bill went up and they did nothing different. :(
4/2/2012 9:41:49 PM
Smart meters can lower your utility billReply: MayorShinn
Time of Use rates are significantly lower than regular rates if you are at work during the day or if you have solar. There are higher rates from 10-6 M-F, and lower rates nights and weekends.  We installed solar last spring and changed to TOU. Bills are way down. This is not available without a smart meter.
4/2/2012 3:46:22 PM
Smart meter replyReply: Roy
I would like to read the text of the energy act of 1989, and see what rights it gives us customers, if any.  Do you have a link to it?  I did not find the act, except for foreign ones under that name, when I searched.  1989 is not recent... do you have it on good authority that the provision that allows customer owned meters has not been regulated away with subsequent rules? 

I do not want the smart meter they installed.  I want to go back to good old electro-mechanical dumb meter.  SCE does not need to know when I use power, only how much so they can bill properly.  Also this tier non-sense is just social engineering and a way to increase rates.  Bill us for a KWH at a competitive rate, and leave it at that, I say. 
3/29/2012 9:01:16 AM
Smart Meter Push Again - Some Fuel for You - What You MUST Know.Post: Nathan
I just wanted to let you all know that Edison is at it again and are trying to put the smart meters in again in our area. They are using a different contractor this time so if you have denied it in the past, they will simply claim they have no record of it.

1. You have the right to deny this meter.

2. According to the Energy Act of 1989, you have the right to use your own meter. They will say that the meter on the home is theirs. They are correct, I told them to come and get it then and I will use my own. They are only $10-$20. Find and/or purchase them here.

3. They have no right to enter your secured property and change out this device without your consent.

4. You must call Edison and tell them you do not want it and let them know your rights and if you need to, you can simply get another one while making them take theirs off the house if that is what needs to happen.
Edison: 800-810-2369

5. These meters broadcast via dangerous RF microwave signals, your personal energy use to their central stations on an ongoing basis.

6. They have not told us who will be paying for this broadcast of electricity.

7. RF microwave signals can interfere with medical devices you may have in your home.

8. According to the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, Microwave signals can cause cancer.

I was notified this morning and I called the company in which is going to install the meter as that is the number they gave me 877-407-2317. They told me to call Edison. I called Edison and told them I do not want one and if they come on my property to replace it without my consent I will file a lawsuit against them for violation of my personal property rights and trespassing. I also told him according to the Energy Act of 1989 I have the right to use my own meter, that is when he said that they are their meters. I then told him to come and get it and I will buy my own. He then said he would put me on the delay list until they hear from the CA Energy Counsel.

I have already done this once before, yet here they are again playing dumb as they now are using a new contractor and have no record of my previous denial.


Read more about the so called Smart Meters here.
You can also print out a sign to post on your panel telling them not to install it.
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