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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Posting Information of Crimes on RAGLM.org
2/6/2014 8:44:10 AM
Posting Suspicious Vehicle Information Is ProperReply: Hugh
I appreciate Nathan's posting regarding NOT including certain information regarding theft etc.(vehicle description, license number, personal description). However, it does not cut the mustard with me and it seems it doesn't for many others as well. The example of 'why' vehicle information is not allowed is unacceptable in my view, but, I don't make the rules. Are these RULES actually written down somewhere or are they at the whim of whoever runs the RAGLM website or the powers that be? I would like to think that the "Community" should decide what is (legally) posted, and certainly detailed vehicle description, individual information - White, Black, Brown, Old, Young, Long Hair, Male, Female etc. and everything else. It's what allows a community to protect themselves and I feel RAGLM is failing in that area. Yes, I said I believe RAGLM is failing it's us by not allowing the community to provide information that can protect them. The next thing that's going to happen is a resident is going to get attacked or maybe even killed. Is that what RAGLM wants to happen? No, of course not. So, the answer is to allow members the tools to identify the culprits through the RAGLM forums.
2/5/2014 2:09:41 PM
Reply to :Posting Information of Crimes on RAGLM.orgReply: Gayle Geer
Thank you for this helpful information and explanation, Nathan.
I appreciate you!
2/5/2014 1:24:05 PM
Posting license numberReply: KepSter
Nathan, I disagree with RAGLM's stance on this  License numbers are routinely reported on the news, on Caltrans signs, in the newspapers  These are not crime agencies either, but they still post the information  RAGLM can keep its policies as it wishes, but I think it is a huge disservice to the community to do so and people will go somewhere else other than RAGLM to accomplish what needs to be accomplished  Are you here to serve the community, or make silly rules about the web site?
2/5/2014 1:05:57 PM
Recent thefts/license platesReply: Maven
Thank you Nathan, you answered several questions I had with your last email.  I am pro posting of the information, but I see your point as well.  If J&G want/wants to post fliers, I think that is a darn good plan.  Imagine rolling up to Lake Mathews General Store or Gavilan Market and seeing a detailed description of your car wanted in connection with thefts in the area.  If said evil-doer is half intelligent (assuming) and literate (again, assuming) he's likely to go away for good and leave us alone.  That might be the best we can hope for.  So, I hope those of you out there with license plate/vehicle info will pass it along to him.  Thanks J&G.  I'm a supporter of law enforecment.  But we all know they are stretched thiiiiiiiiiiiin and the truth is, they ain't comin'. We are responsible for ourselves. I have had first hand experience with this, as have many of you.  I'd like to provide something that is helpful, more so than my humble opinion, so here it is:  There is a little trick used to remember/identify vehicles.  It is called "CYMBOL".  (think symbol)  C is for color.  Color is a great identifier, as young and old alike can identify color from far away.  Y is for year.  I can't ID most cars by year, but is it newer or older looking?  M is for make.  Toyota? Nissan? B is for body.  Which model is it?  This is often hard for most people.  One suggestion is to do a Google image search of the make and see if you can identify the body/model.  O is for "Other".  These are often most helpful.  Other includes dents, differing colors, stickers, cracked windshield, stuff hanging from the mirror and on and on.  L is for license.  We're all clear on that one at this point. J&G, if you would like help hanging fliers, email me at gmaven@rocketmail.com.  If you make them, I'll take some and plaster them in my area. 
2/5/2014 11:46:04 AM
Posting Information of Crimes on RAGLM.orgPost: Nathan
Please let me try to explain this sensitive issue and the reasons RAGLM does not allow postings of these types. First let's decipher the difference between 'SPECIFIC' and 'DESCRIPTIVE' information.

Descriptive information are things like tattoos, long hair etc. While this information is helpful, it does not paint instant guilt. This information is fine to post.

As for specific information, like a license plate number, other peoples emails, their names etc., these are things that distinctly identify someone. While this information is helpful in times like this, RAGLM is not the local law enforcement nor is it's forums designed for such specific use.

Let us just take a simple scenario, I know this might be far fetched but what if someone had some bad seeds on their street and just did not like them for whatever reason. Then someone in their neighborhood got broken into and the person who did not like those bad seeds knows in their heart it was them as they saw their car leaving the driveway of the victims house around the time of incident. They then feel obligated to get the license plate or simply the name of the people they feel are guilty and post it on RAGLM.org.

Now lets just say that those bad seeds where just going to that house to collect the newspaper fee or return a borrowed tool and it just happened to be around the same time frame. Now these people are painted guilty in the eyes of their neighbors and or the public without a fair trial or proper investigation.

RAGLM CAN NOT and WILL NOT be involved in matters of criminal court and law. This is what the local sheriff and police are for.

I know the scenario above is not like the one we are talking about nor does it rise to the level but please understand the reason we do not allow this type of thing is we can not remain fair and balanced while passing judgment and changing rules on a case by case basis.

As stated in some of the posts below, you have every right to contact each other and pass the information on. In fact we have provided the tool by allowing you to click on any user and send a private message to them.

Please stay vigilant and gather whatever information you can, I know I will. Also please understand that RAGLM is here to help the community and sometimes that means not taking a side but simply allowing a tool for the communication to flow.

Our local sheriff deputy Lt. Quinata is at every one of our monthly meetings and is always willing to answer any and all of your questions. Bodies speak volumes to the elected sheriffs office. Please come take advantage of this opportunity that RAGLM is able to provide because we are such a close community. Come and let them know what information you have and what has been happening. I hope to see you all at the next meeting on February 19 @ 7:00 p.m.
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