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RAGLM Board > Riverside County Board of Supervisors Hearings > Board of Supervisors hearing agenda items, June 26, 2012
6/21/2012 9:33:00 AM
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda items, June 26, 2012Post: Laurie


TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012



4080 Lemon Street, Riverside, California

(Clerk 951-955-1060)

POLICY CALENDAR: Presented for Block Approval; Supervisors have the option of excluding discussion items from a master motion.

3.1 EXECUTIVE OFFICE: Authorize the Cash Advance for Capital Finance Administration and Pension Obligation Bond Debt Service.

           3.4 EXECUTIVE OFFICE: 2011-2012 Grand Jury Report: Riverside County Human Resources Department, Temporary Assignment Program / Medical Assignment Program (TAP/MAP). (Report Back July 31,             2012)

3.5 EXECUTIVE OFFICE: 2011-2012 Grand Jury Report: Riverside County Waste Management Department. (Report Back July 31, 2012)

3.6 EXECUTIVE OFFICE: Pension Advisory Review Committee 2012 Annual Pension Report: Receive and File the FY 2011/2012 Annual Report; Approval of the Use of the Liability Management Fund to reduce the County’s pension liability; and Approval of Pre-Payment toward the County’s FY 2012/2013 pension cost.

3.7 COMMUNITY HEALTH AGENCY/ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: Setting of a Public Hearing on the Adoption of 2012-147 Confirming Special Assessments for Unpaid Trash Collection Fees. (Set for Hearing 07/17/2012 @ 9:30 a.m. – Clerk to advertise)

           3.31 TRANSPORTATION & LAND MANAGEMENT AGENCY/TRANSPORTATION: Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the On-Call Engineering Services Agreement with Atkins North America, Inc. (doing                 business as PBS&J, Inc.).

3.34 TRANSPORTATION & LAND MANAGEMENT AGENCY/TRANSPORTATION: INTRODUCTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 824.13, an Ordinance of the County of Riverside amending Ordinance No. 824 Ending the Temporary Fee Reduction for the Western Riverside County Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF) Program and Reinstating the full TUMF, 1st/1st, 2nd/2nd, 3rd/3rd, 5th/5th District. (Set for Hearing 07/03/2012 @ 9:30 a.m. – Clerk to Advertise).

3.35 TRANSPORTATION & LAND MANAGEMENT AGENCY/TRANSPORTATION: Modification of Financial Assurance Mechanism Required by the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA): Adoption of Resolution 2012-142, which amends Resolution 1997-261 that established a Pledge of Revenue to satisfy requirements of Section 2773.1 of the Public Resources Code for Financial Assurance to Reclaim Open Pit Mines.

3.36 FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: INTRODUCTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 626.9 Amending Ordinance 626 Relating to County Parking Facilities and Follow up Procedures to Parking At Riverside County Waived and Validated for Area Residents (PARC WAVAR).

3.37 FIRE: Approval of the Cooperative Agreement with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to provide Fire Protection Services to Local Agencies.

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