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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Meeting Information > RAGLM Community meeting April 20 - Lions and Tigers! (Also fire!)
4/15/2011 9:04:01 AM
RAGLM Community meeting April 20 - Lions and Tigers! (Also fire!)Post: Laurie
Be sure to mark your calendars for this meeting!   It promises to be interesting and informative!

We will have Serena Barnett speaking about Animazonia - that's the organization behind our local rescue for BIG cats....as in lions, tigers and other exotics!

In addition, we will have our fire department speaking on our increased fire danger this year, thanks to the amount of rain we've had responsible for a lot of additional vegetation growth.

The meeting is Wednesday, April 20 beginning at 7pm, in the equipment bay of the Cajalco Fire Station #4.   The fire station is located on Cajalco Road between Harley John/Smith Roads and Cowan, and is across the street from the Lake Mathews General Store and Lake Mathews Feed.

Parking is available in the dirt lot to the west (Harley John/Smith Roads) side of the fire station (same side of Cajalco Road) and also along Cajalco Road, to the east of the station.

Because of the anticipated attendance and limited seating, we suggest that you may wish to bring a folding chair if you have one available.

See you there!
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