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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Speaker Suggestions > Solar PV Energy
11/21/2011 4:50:53 PM
Solar PV EnergyPost: Anders
Solar PV energy is a fantastic way to cut your energy bill.  Most people have seen solar panels on roof tops but may not know how the technology works, what is available today, and what different options are available to have your own "power plant" at home.

I would be happy to speak for half an hour or so on this topic describing the technology, existing rebates and incentives and show a few examples of solar PV systems.  I can also discuss some of the pros and cons for different buying options for solar PV systems including "leasing", contractor installation and "Owner Builder" installation.

My name is Anders Wistrom, Ph.D., P.E. and I am a registered Professional Engineer in California (C67887). I have lived in the Lake Matthews area since 1994.  I have over 25 years experience delivering sustainable water and energy solutions to people in California and across the world.
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