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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Crop Dusting in nursery
4/21/2015 2:59:34 PM
Crop dustingReply: Bridget
It certainly could be coincidence that three of us were not feeling well at the same time. I do hope that when they spray again that the symptoms don't show up again.  I would love to know what the ingredients are as well as when they will spray again.  If I can get that information, I will certainly share it here.
4/21/2015 2:29:31 PM
Spraying Nursery with Organic Spray by HelicopterReply: Nathan
We were informed at our last community meeting by Kristen Huyck from Supervisor Jeffries office that it is a spraying happening at Altman Nursery and is completely organic using a mix of garlic, peppers, water etc. Not sure of the exact mix or the frequency of future spraying but we were informed of the above. Hope this helps.
4/21/2015 12:53:53 PM
Crop Dusting Covered Vegetation.Reply: Hugh
Certainly I'm no expert in crop dusting or growing of nursery plants.  My question is this: Why would you attempt to 'crop dust' nursery plants that are grown under cover by vinyl or plastic? Feeling bad is a natural occurrence. It affects all of us from time to time. As far as schedule and chemicals used may I suggest contacting the nursery in question directly for you answer. 
4/21/2015 10:34:23 AM
Crop Dusting in nurseryPost: Bridget
For those who live close to the nursery on Lake Mathews.  Have any of you experienced feeling ill after the crop dusting 3-4 weeks back?  I know of at least 3 people who had been feeling bad after, including myself.  Is there a schedule of when they will do this again and what chemicals are being dropped?  I have also heard that some animals had been displaying sickness after.  
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