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RAGLM Board > Announcements > Fire Districts losing tax votes - Point finger at state fee
10/27/2015 12:45:57 PM
Fire Districts losing tax votes - Point finger at state feePost: ElaineW

The following article appeared October 23rd in the Sacramento Bee:

Fire districts losing tax votes point finger at state fee

By Jim Miller

Frank Treanor doesn’t have exit polling to help explain why almost 38 percent of voters in the fire district he leads north of San Francisco voted against a November 2012 ballot measure to increase what property owners pay the district annually.

But Treanor, chief of the Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District, said he is sure of the reason: Most of the district falls within the vast swath of the state where property owners pay a state fire prevention fee, in addition to any local charges.

The ‘no’ vote was enough to deprive the Rancho Adobe measure of the two-thirds support it needed to pass, he said, and continue the district’s financial stress.

To read the entire article in the Sacramento Bee click here.

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