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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Need Your Help-Girl 4, Boy 7, Mom In Need - right here in OUR COMMUNITY
12/17/2010 8:00:27 AM
Need Your Help-Girl 4, Boy 7, Mom In Need - right here in OUR COMMUNITYPost: Cindy Ferry
Folks, sorry to keep asking for help on this.  RAGLM put out a notice to help those in our own community.  We have one of the two families we elected to help handled.  Our pain now is in doing all we can to help this Mom in need of making a memorable holiday for her kids.  We have a single Mom with two children, ages 4 and 7.  If you are a parent, this has to tug at your heart strings as it did mine and others on the RAGLM board.  We are not trying to drum up money here.  We want to help this family.  As I said, the other family we wanted to help is taken care of ... through you donations, and we thank you for them.
I asked the resident that submitted this families need to give us some info. on what the kids wanted and needed.  What the Mom might need.  What the Mom would like to have for a holiday meal ... if she would not be going to have dinner with family.  I did get to speak with her directly.  It will just be her and her two children, here at their home for Christmas.  She wants to fix a meal for them herself.  She cooks, but doesn't bake.  We are working on a list of things the Mom would like to have to feed her family on Christmas day.  Below is the Wish List the two small children had.  I'm not asking that you ONLY get the stuff on the list.  But, if you can, GREAT!  If you can afford one more gift, or a gift certificate or cash to help us get toys for these kids and food on their table, that would be ever so wonderful. 
We got some wonderful toys donated at the toy drive last night, at the holiday social.  Those will go to the fire station, for their toy drive.  We will be working with the fire department to see where these toys will go and how we can give these two little kids a Christmas.  The Mom has a tree and some ornaments.  She's managed to pull together some stocking stuffers.  We just want to help make sure this family ... these children ... have presents under their tree and a meal in their stomach on Christmas day.  If you can and if you want to help myself and RAGLM board members in making sure this happens, please look at the list below or just pick something up for this family and contact me.  We will be gathering the things up and taking them to this family.  We will respect their right to privacy and their pride.  But, we will help all we can.  We hope you will as well. 
WE ... OURSELVES ... EACH OF US must be the community we wish to see and wish to live in.  If you want to live in a caring community, you have to be part of a caring community.
If you can help, please do ...

Boy - Age 7
Black bike with red flames on it, and no baby wheels (LOL - not my words)
Bat Cave (I don't know what this even is)
 Hot wheels monster
Claw machine
Batman action figure
Skateboard with 2 wheels
Remote Control Bat (anyone know what this is?)
Gumball Machine
Board Games
Robot with remote, a green one
Tuff Gun
Remote airplane
Girl age 4
Dora Doll that talks
Bike with Basket and training wheels
 3 dolls (I laughed at this, how cute ... just three dolls)
Little girls make up stand
Baby changing station
Girl's claw machine (I don't know what this is and it sounded a little frightening to me ... LOL)
We asked what the Mom might need or want or what info. we might need to help make her day a little brighter as well:
The Mom wears a Medium top and size 10 pants
Her car is now in the shop, the neighbor is taking her son to school for her and her to work and picking them up. 
Religious or not, you know the meaning behind the line: But by the grace of God go I.
Cindy Ferry
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