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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Congratulations Supervisor Buster
6/6/2012 2:54:14 PM
Vote Count So Far On Supervisor District 1Reply: Cindy Ferry
From the Riverside County Registrar Of Voters Facebook Page:

County Supervisor 1st Supervisorial
172/172 100.00%

Vote Count Percent
BOB BUSTER 12,689 38.73%
KEVIN JEFFRIES 10,243 31.26%
MIKE SOUBIROUS 9,831 30.01%
Total 32,763 100.00%

And Nathan, I can't say I'm concerned about a run-off.  Even if it were to come to that, I think Supervisor Buster would win.  But, we will all have to wait and see.  Just posting the outcome so far.  I've been watching the site since the close of the polls last night at 8.  Wish I could disconnected myself, but I can't.  Who has a say over how I get to live my life is just TOO important to me.  I wish it were to more folks.  Just look at the turn-out numbers.  It's sad!
6/6/2012 5:47:49 AM
No Winner YetReply: Nathan
        Just an FYI, Buster has not fully won yet. This year is a top two so he will be going against Jeffries in November. He would have needed 50% + 1 to sweep it.

All Countywide Election Results
6/6/2012 5:30:33 AM
Congratulations Supervisor BusterPost: Cindy Ferry
Congratulations to Supervisor Bob Buster for keeping his seat as our Supervisor. May he continue to value and protect our rural way of life.
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