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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Ridiculous how you are fined $500 but they get funded for this. Waste of Water!
7/22/2014 4:05:23 AM
Governmental WasteReply: ElaineW
Not a fan of history, but at some point things have seemed to change in all levels of government from a stockpile system to a use it or loose it system. Which in turn just causes waste on all levels. Use the allotted water for your area (even if it required dumping) or you will be cut back in times of need and it goes on and on, Fuel, is treated the same way. If you aren't using it at full capacity dump it in the ocean. When did we stop saving our resources for when we need them?? It sure would save a lot of time and money in the long run if we kept them for when we needed them instead of wasting it and wasting time and money to dump it.
7/21/2014 5:01:35 PM
Ridiculous how you are fined $500 but they get funded for this. Waste of Water!Post: Nathan
Why is it that our State and local governments want to push us to use less water and fine us for wasting it when they themselves just pour it down the drain? I am not a happy customer as I would be fined $500 for this and we are also being pushed to use smart meters etc. All I ask is to be treated the same as all customers including governments and municipalities. If they had a smart meter and controller, it would know when not to waste water, why are all municipalities and governments not forced to use smart controllers and meters?

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