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RAGLM Board > Announcements > Property Rights/Murrieta Group Won't Stop in Quest for Their Rights
3/15/2011 5:35:08 PM
Property Rights/Murrieta Group Won't Stop in Quest for Their RightsPost: Cindy Ferry
This is a VERY GOOD and eye opening article. It addresses two needs and clearly a better way to bring the two together. I am all for setting aside lands for habitat. This should be done in the rural, unincorporated areas and is why we need to stay out of the city and make sure the cities don't come in and take us over with their backward way of doing things through LAFCO. If you are going to be annexed into the city, they send you a letter, if you don't open it and you don't contest the annexation, you automatically vote to become part of the city. You have to open and READ anything and EVERYTHING that come from governmental branches of the government ... Federal, State, County and City. I you don't, you could very well be kicking yourself in the butt soon after.
I DO think that if the land is going to be taken for the MSHCP, then the land should be purchased by the county ... at FAIR MARKET VALUE. One of the things the county has taken to doing is if you are behind on your property taxes and you don't pay for the given period of time, they can force the sale of your home and pull their tax monies from the sale before turning anything left over to the once property owner. Well, now if your property falls within the MSHCP land map, they will just take it for that, end of subject.
I'd really like to see the county work with the folks that moved to a rural area and want rural. The ones that moved here, knew what the zoning was when they purchased. If they don't get to divide their property, as they had hoped and maybe dreamed of, well, I'm sorry, but it is what it is and what you knew it was when you purchased it. If you had hoped to divide it up and sell the lots off, you should have started that right away. If you had to wait because you didn't have the money at the time, then you took a gamble and lost. But, does this mean the county now just gets to come in and take your land? NO .... HELL NO!!! There is a "RIGHT TO USE" law, but it is governed by the zoning when you purchased the land, or as the land is if you have managed to get the county/city to allow you higher density. There is a dollar value per ac. and any and every Realtor knows this value. If the county wants it for the MSHCP and that doesn't fit with the plans you had, the county should have to pay you for the land and place it into the MSHCP. Now, what about those that want the area to stay rural and stay open, unfences to allow for wildlife to live freely on the land? Then they have to be VERY careful when the county updates the General Plan. Attend this months RAGLM Community Meeting (Wed. March 16 - tomorrow- 7 p.m.) On This Very Subject!!! Each new General Plan brings with it a whole new set of plans and ways in which you can and cannot use your land and what you can expect to see in the community you live in. That are SO MANY levels to the General Plan and therefore SO MANY things that can AN WILL effect the future of your community and your property. If you say later that you just didn't know, they are going to point to this community meeting and all the public meeting notices they put in to the papers and the locations in which they held meetings to inform you. I think the county should look to work with rural folks, like if they will leave their land open and it is within the area they want for the MSHCP, discount their property taxes or wave them all together for that portion of land that falls within the MSHCP. If the property owner ever decided that they wish to develop within that area, they will have to do an EIR and go through Planning, give just reason to develop and MUST GO TO PUBLIC HEARINGS for input from area residents and others. The "Endangered Species League" would take all lands in the county EXCEPT what "THEY" want for the MSHCP down to 1/4 ac. lots. It is the President of this group that put the option of letting developers BUY density on the table for this new General Plan, You'll hear about Buying Density at the Wed. Community Meeting. The developers will be able to just write a check and buy density they don't currently have rights to. Then they can sell, trade, bank and move around those densities or barter them with the county. How will the county EVEN be able to keep track of such a thing? But, my point here is that if the county can bend over backward for the developer, they can bend over some for the folks that actually want the very thing they say they are trying to set aside. Work with the rural folks. Make arrangements with them that make for some kind of give and take and not just the TAKE. This is a workable thing, we just have to get more options on the table and people buying in rural areas have to realize they are rural areas and being able to split and develop out the land may not be able to happen. Not ALL the land in Riverside County is or should be able to be developed out. The county (in their General Plan) has to provide a place for those that live a rural way of life, farming, animal keeping, equestrian folks,
truckers that can't take their truck home to a city parcel, folks with health conditions that keep them from being able to live in a city setting and so on.
Tomorrows meeting is IMPORTANT, Please make the time to be there,
Cindy Ferry
Proud Member of RAGLM
Unity of Community, Supporting the Rural Way of Life

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