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RAGLM Board > In The News > We Don't Need No Education: Meet the Millionaire Dropouts
2/11/2011 6:26:01 AM
We Don't Need No Education: Meet the Millionaire DropoutsPost: Cindy Ferry
Traditional education is what we do, because that is what we are programmed to do.  But, if you are a black sheep, you could end up leaving all those white sheep behind.  This IS the VERY reason why PARENTS do and should hold the RIGHT to decide the BEST course of study and direction in which to go to get that for their child ... each and everyone, separately.   Each educational course of study should be set up and CREATED around THAT student.  Even if we have to teach THE MASSES via a "standardized system of education" we need to MAKE SURE that system works around and for EACH student and NOT that the student "CONFORM" to "THE SYSTEM."  That system does not work in the best interest of each and every student.  It only serves the interests of the unions and their ability to CONTROL "THE MASSES."
Children and adults alike enjoy learning.  Take away their enjoyment and they fight you.  Encourage, nurture and feed their interest in learning and there is no stopping them.  And, I personally feel we would have happier adults at the end of it all.  So, always look at and understand your options as a parent.  Keep your child, their passions, given talents and their natural interest in learning at the forefront of setting up their course of study and the speed at which they can go through the material and that child could one day be one of these millionaires without a college degree or one that does.  But above all else, lets help to create happier students and happier adults.
Let's allow teachers to teach a child.  They know their students better then the union does and there are just too many RULES placed on both teacher and student.  Put the teachers in the schools, give them a classroom and then step back and let the students come.  If the "classroom" concept just doesn't work for one child, don't force them to be there.  Maybe their classroom is the outdoors or the dinning room table.  As long as they are learning, what does it matter "WHERE?"  And the colleges themselves can tell you that kids that don't attend traditional schools do still do well in college.  To the point that the colleges see the advantage of changing the way one gets in these days.
Am I saying  our children shouldn't go to college?  Of course not.  Am I saying that if they don't want to they shouldn't?  Yes.  Am I saying that "college" isn't made for everyone ... smart or otherwise?  Yes.  Can some go to trade schools and still make good income and still advance their futures?  Yes.  The bottom line of what I'm saying is that education SHOULD BE about THE CHILD/STUDENT and we should allow them to be children, we should allow them to develop who THEY are FIRST and CREATE a course of education AROUND them.
I thought this was a very good article and I don't think people realize just how many well known, famous people there are out there that never went to school, were either homeschooled (long before the term was ever created), learned totally on their own ... driven by their own passion to learn, or had little "schooling" but kept on learning on their own.  Our children are made to think that if they DON'T attend college today, they don't have a chance.   It might well be harder for them, but if they are one of the black sheep, they could set the course for a whole new way of viewing education tomorrow.
Cindy Ferry
Proud Member of RAGLM
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