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RAGLM Board > Gardening > Using Local Organic Coooperatives To Defeat Globalist
9/27/2010 12:23:54 PM
Using Local Organic Coooperatives To Defeat GlobalistPost: Cindy Ferry
I found this article VERY interesting.  If we are to balance the budget, we have to detach ourselves from the government, ask less of it and from it.  The laws that are made, the less freedoms we have.  Food is a basic resource we have forgotten we can do ourselves.  You want more control over your own health, take control of you life.  Grow more of your own food, buy from LOCAL growers, know where your food comes from and how it was grown.
"Co-op" is the new word for "The Old Way."  We worked together, shared our labor and did just fine.  We need to get back to basics, be more responsible for ourselves and that isn't done through government control, regulations and laws.  The bigger you let these mass food producing corporations become, the less control you have over your own life.  Believe me, I used to laugh at the idea that corporate companies were going to get too big, gain too much power and damage The American Way.  I have changed the way I think and I see that I was wrong.  What we gave up we are now being told we can no longer do.  WHAT???  Telling people they can't come together, work together to form their own co-op farms and grow and share their food freely?  It just can't be so!  But it is.  They are already doing it.
You are paying the bill and giving up freedoms.  Take back your life.  Get back to basics, live off the land below your feet, find out what fresh, real food tastes like.  Know where it came from and how it was grown.
Is there any interest in this community in learning how to do this?  I'll try to line up speakers and find a place to meet.  We are lucky enough to have larger size lots then most.  Let's learn which weeds aren't weeds, but a food source.  Let's learn which flowers in our gardens are a food source.  Let's learn how to grown and deal with the wildlife that will also want to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Let's learn how to can, freeze and dry the foods we grow, so we don't have to eat the same thing day after day until it's gone.  Let's see how much we can reduce our dependency on the middle man and the big corporate farms.  Let's get to know our neighbors more and work together to grow and share food.  Let's keep our traffic between neighbors and not 16 miles to the local grocery store.  Let's minimize the monies government spends funding big corp. farms.  Let's help balance the budget by doing more for ourselves and takes some of the burden off government.  Become more self sufficient.  Let's work together to find out how and let's do it!
Cindy Ferry
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