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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Sushi House/A Hidden Treasure On Van Buren Blvd/Very Good Food
8/19/2011 12:08:56 PM
Better Sushi placeReply: newmanpenny
Go figure my first community chat would be about food. I read the above and I think it has changed names 3 times since this post. I went there twice and both times not really impressed.
I would like to offer up ASAHI SUSHI, a little closer to us by the Albertsons on Van Buren and Lincoln.
They make a list of specialty rolls besides the usual, and their prices are very competitive. They are always very busy so be prepared for a little wait. I also must suggest that you ask for the RIVERSIDE roll, it is not on the menu and a best kept secret that keeps us going back often!!


3/20/2011 2:57:15 PM
Sushi House/A Hidden Treasure On Van Buren Blvd/Very Good FoodPost: Cindy Ferry
Let's say you've had one of those long hard days. You've been on the go all day and the idea of stopping to make dinner just does nothing at all for you. Well, this is just where my husband and I found ourselves yesterday. We look forward to our weekends together, sleeping in and getting to enjoy real homecooked meals together. But yesterday it was up early and non-stop all day. We were in the City of Riverside and had one more stop for the day. We were hungry and did not feel like fixing dinner. We decided to just stop and get dinner, make our last stop of the day and then just go home are rest.
We like trying a new place, if we can find one that catches our attention. We were on Van Buren and I told him that on my way home from the shelter the other day, I noticed an All You Can Eat Sushi place I'd never seen before. We decided to stop and give it a try. Well, the culinary angels were looking out for our nights enjoyment of our meal!!! We LOVE ... and I DO mean LOVE sushi! We left The Sushi House saying this was the best one we've been to. A reasonable sized place, clean and very pleasant. The food and service was wonderful. A MUST ... MUST ... MUST try, is their Lobster Roll. First off, their All You Can Eat is $21.95 and worth every penny. But this Lobster Roll was a melt in your mouth feast for the taste buds! We tried a number of their sushi, sashimi and rolls they had on their All You Can list ... and there are many ... and we were not unhappy with anything we tried. Even the tea was good. The green tea ice cream put the finishing touch on the meal for the night. We were SO glad we stopped there and gave them a try. We WILL be going back! That's for sure.
If you go down Van Buren, you'll pass the WalMart and it is on the other side of the road, between the Wall Mart and Arlington. It's actually a right into the shopping center, at the signal light at Philbin Ave. and Van Buren. We give it a thumbs up for sure! If you're in town and like sushi, give it a try. They even have a private party room, closed off from the rest of the restaurant. I thought that was a good idea also.
Sushi House
5519 Van Buren Blvd. (signal light at Philbin Ave.)
Riverside, CA. 92503
(951) 352-0811
Mon. - Fri.: 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sat.& Sun.: Noon to 10 p.m.
Cindy Ferry
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