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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Harford Springs - Mountain Bikes?
1/16/2014 11:05:39 PM
Mountain bikes vs horsesReply: Michelle Randall
Harford Springs is extensively used by equestrians; some novices and some professional.  It's good for mountain bikers to remember that the horse-end of the equestrian horse/rider team is a prey animal.  Horses often react to sudden encounters with unknown moving objects by violent flight. Young horses especially tend to transfer their fears to the object clinging to their backs and trying to prevent their flight. They don't think, they just want to buck off  that rider/lion-whatever and go home to the safety of their stall. Even old horses can be unpredictable.  I once owned on old "been there, done that" dead-broke rope horse. One day my brother came to visit with his two little toddlers. The old mare tried to jump out of her corral in terror of those two kids. She had never seen a toddler. Since horse/rider combinations have two brains (one rational, one not) the bicyclist (with one rational brain to deal with)  is ALWAYS responsible for controlling the situation. Bicyclists need to travel at a rate of sped that will enable them to stop. When bicyclists encounter equestrians, please stop, step off the trail and let the equestrian pass.  Please speak to the rider so the horse can associate you with a human.  Something easy and pleasant will do it, "Good morning, nice day for a ride" will do fine. Another thing to consider is that Harford Springs is a Reserve that holds a number of endangered species of plants. For equestrians and bicyclists alike, please, please don't make new trails. Thanks Guys!
1/12/2014 10:36:25 PM
Mtn Bikes: Thank you Pat and Michael!Reply: Gayle Geer
I appreciate your input.  This is good news.
1/12/2014 7:17:26 AM
Harford Springs Park welcomes Mountain Bicyclists and Equestrians and Human FeetReply: Michael D
Not sure about Canine feet.


Please employ good manners and trail etiquette.
1/11/2014 10:31:15 PM
Mountain bikesReply: Pat
I don't think the signs say anything about "no mountain bikes".
I ride mine there often and have had no issues for many years now.
There is lots of evidence of motorcycles thou......
1/10/2014 11:03:11 PM
Harford Springs - Mountain Bikes?Post: Gayle Geer
I posted something on facebook about Harford Springs and a friend asked if they allow mountain bikes in the park.  Does anyone know?
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