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RAGLM Board > Alerts > BLM restricts shooting in Gavilan Hills due to fire danger - Eff July 14, 2015 until further notice
7/20/2015 3:04:37 PM
Off Road Bikers and ShootersReply: Hugh
I support the legal activity of target shooting. I don't support those that disrespect that area provided to them by leaving their trash behind.

It's the same with the off-road motor cycle riders. So many have no respect for their neighbors. Gunning at 50-60 miles per hour up the public street, scaring the crap out of horses and other animals just to get where they want to tear up the terrain. 

Neither group, in my mind is better than the other. There are bad, spoiled apples everywhere. Not being a member of either group I have a different perspective: Shoot responsibly and clean up your trash; Ride responsibly and respect your neighbors. The dirt and space in this area is not made available for your destructive actives.  
7/20/2015 11:10:19 AM
Ammo and Trash and RidingReply: sean k
There are numerous areas that are trashed from shooting. I posted this before and I will say it again, shooters and dumpers are ruining the last fun areas we have up here. I ride dirt-bikes in the hills and its disgusting how much trash and ammo is left around. I want to keep the riding open, but close it off to people shooting. The area you mentioned is the most popular, but the Steele Peak area and roads off of El Toro are packed on the weekends with shooters.

Hugh's response about losing more rights is on par with the handling of most issues that are government regulated.
7/20/2015 10:33:07 AM
Fires In Shooting AreasReply: Hugh
I'm not well educated in Shooting. But, I'm trying to understand how a shell from any gun starts a fire. Is it from a 'spark' that is created when it hits an object? Or, are the fires created by other activities? Just asking.

The mess of the 'un-policed' shell casings seem to be an issue that needs to be addressed. Unsightly trash. 

Correct me if I'm wrong. Is that area not under the control of Riverside County? The responsibility lies with them to address/correct the problem. 
7/20/2015 10:02:12 AM
Fire DangerReply: Nick G
I also forgot to mention, we've had TWO fires there so far this year, both requiring numerous helicopter and plane water & suppressant drops. Wonder how much that cost the taxpayers?

Head to the hills behind the oak groves and you'll see the charred mountainsides from the fires. The area is the second busiest shooting area, and the trash and shells on the ground prove it.
7/20/2015 9:58:25 AM
Shooting in GavilanReply: Nick G
I enjoy shooting (I have a range at our house), offroading, riding dirt bikes, etc., but Gavilan has become completely trashed by non-locals who only see it as an area to trash at their will. There are shot-up TVs and batteries in the oak grove streams, there are small pieces that cover entire hillsides of trash from shot up furniture and targets, as well as an uncountable number of shotgun casings all over the place. It's very sad to see. Not to mention, most of the "shooters" practice no gun safety at all, shooting over trails, without backstops, at rocks, etc.

I have been working with the Sheriff on this, and they've been going out there 2-3 times a week and fining shooters and impounding dirt bikers/offroaders. They are also citing the property owners (the majority is NOT BLM land).

I hated that it had to come to that, but it was out of hand. Take a drive through there sometime and see the mounds of garbage that cover what was once a beautiful area. A friend of mine said they used to drink from the streams there when they were younger. Drinking from them now would likely kill you. Sad...
7/17/2015 8:31:38 AM
BLM RestrictionsReply: Hugh
I'm a gun owner (one shotgun, 2 pistols and a couple of pellet pistols), for personal protection and taking care of snakes and certain varmints. I don't 'shoot' for practice. Although I do test my Mossberg 410 pistol grip shotgun once a year. I shoot at a tree.

The problem I've been told is not so much the fire hazard but the failure of the shooters to 'police' there ammo and it has created quite a mess. Apparently there are 1000's of empty shell casings laying all over. I have not see it myself. In fact I don't even know where the area is.

Perhaps the BLM is not addressing the more pressing issue of unsightly shell casings left by irresponsible shooters. I've also been told there are likely more out-of-area shooters than locals. But, probably not do much about that.

Maybe the BLM should instruct the County to clean up the area. At taxpayer cost - naturally, it goes without saying.

7/17/2015 7:36:08 AM
BLM Shooting RestrictionsReply: Hugh
There we go. Big Government at it again telling citizens what was once totally legal will now put you in jail. How sweet. 

Some residents may think that's great because they don't partake in the sport of shooting. And that's fine. However, for the ones that do enjoy the sport have now been neutered by the BLM. 

I don't know the answer: "Just how many fires have been started by legal target shooting over the last five years?" Would be interesting to find out.

Just have to love the statement, "...until further notice." - Like forever?

7/16/2015 4:25:35 PM
BLMReply: Maven
Good. I'm glad. This was a wise decision. Looking at that map though, I see a bunch of little out of reach places where it will be difficult to enforce.
7/16/2015 12:14:02 PM
BLM Shooting RestrictionsReply: cinder465
Funny you should post this as signs for this were posted with warnings and penalties out by "the pond"area and....lo an behold..the signs are so SHOT UP that you can't ready them!  Shows how respectful people are to the law.
7/16/2015 9:02:22 AM
BLM restricts shooting in Gavilan Hills due to fire danger - Eff July 14, 2015 until further noticePost: Laurie
Link to the news release, here.  Note the phone number which might be useful in reporting violators-


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