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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

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9/19/2014 2:34:37 PM
Spitting Nails 2Reply: Hugh
Willow, I don't feel your pain. You mention the Municipal Water company. I don't know what that is. Did you mean the Western Municipal Water District?

We don't have a 'lawn' but we are on four acres with trees and plants to water. We have a swimming pool. We have five horses. I get no price brake on my water bill. We pay for what we use. It's not pretty but it is what it is. We don't whine about it - what we use is what we use and what we pay for. About $150 per month.

You can pay to water a few vegetable plants for $3 or $4 per month.  

9/19/2014 9:14:23 AM
Spitting Nails ~Post: Willow
I wanted SO MUCH to call someone/anyone last night and just scream and spit nails!!!! But I didn't want to abuse anyone by doing that, so this is my rant.

I went to the RAGLM community meeting last Wed. night and this pretty little girl named Rachel was there to represent the Municipal Water company. I told her....er....AND the whole meeting.....that the tiered billing system for water gives price breaks for swimming pools, lawns, and horses on the property, but NONE for growing your own food.

She interrupted me and said that was NOT TRUE and "WRONG" four different times.

And then she said my "problem" with the overuse of water warranted a visit from their "Water Efficiency" expert, made me look idiotic in front of everyone and shoved her stupid little business card into my lap even tho I told her I was not interested, that was NOT the issue, and I wanted to address the topic I had introduced.  She continued to be rude, pejorative, and condescending.

I did not want  to just debate and fight, so I maintained just trying to address the issue I wanted to bring up. And she continued to make me look stupider and stupider.

I went and spoke with the director of the whole water company, J. Rossi, the next morning, who was very nice and incredibly courteous, but whose best response was, over and over, for me to cut down on the number of plants on my property. My dear gawd I was so angry that spitting nails was literally a doable image. I am still boiling mad today.

.....oh. And in Rossi's office there were piles and piles of stacked up print-outs of how the tiered system gives price breaks for certain "factors" such as ......er.....lemme think....oh yeah......LAWNS, SWIMMING POOLS, and HORSES!!!! .....spitting nails again!!!!

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