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RAGLM Board > In The News > New Canaan, Connecticut Schools Consider Tracking Students With RFI
8/25/2010 2:46:24 PM
New Canaan, Connecticut Schools Consider Tracking Students With RFIPost: Cindy Ferry
Personal opinion here, but, I think this is crazy!  They always say it's voluntary then the next thing you know it's mandatory.  This is just like them selling us on chipping our pets.  Now it's mandatory.  Then they started selling us on chipping our children.  That made my hair stand on end ... why not go back to tattooing numbers on peoples arms!  But, the locators offer SO MUCH MORE than a tattoo!  They tell you what they think will sell you on the idea, but they don't tell you the Constitutional rights you will be giving up and will never get back.  They don't tell you how it could and would be misused.  No Way!  I'd never go for this and if I had a child in school that put this in and tried to force parents to use it, which they will, I'd pull them.  Another reason more and more parents are pulling their children and homeschooling!
Cindy Ferry
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