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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Home Invasion and Pistol Whipping
9/16/2011 9:38:31 AM
Pistol Whipped/Home Invasion/Lake MathewsReply: Cindy Ferry
That's the second one that I've heard of in our area. With the Sheriff saying he 'can't' afford to service this area, how many more will we be seeing out here? Didn't we pay taxes for these services too? Sounds to me like anyone without a gun should go out and get one, learn how to use it and be prepared to defend yourself. Not that I expect law enforcement to be here when it's going down, but face it, after is a little too late. Do we have any drawings of what these guys look like? Is there anything that can be posted to help us know who we are looking for? Do they know who these guys are? These don't sound like first time offenders to me!!!! Neighbors should be getting phone-trees started. If one is hit, call a neighbor and maybe they will be able to stop them or get info. on the vehicle and or those in it.
Cindy Ferry
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9/16/2011 9:00:10 AM
Home Invasion and Pistol WhippingPost: Nathan
This was a forwarded email, I have removed any names or personal information:

Deputy Thomas called 10 P.m. Last evening when he came on duty to give us this warning.

Yesterday morning around 10 a.m. Our neighbor on Ronel returned to his home with his wife and son and a home invasion was in progress.

Two men were in their garage. Two black men one bald head. They tied up the son with duct tape the husband was hit in the head with a gun.

The two men went through the house and all they know at this point - a television and gold jewelry were stolen. They have no idea how they left. They did not see a car when they arrived so it appears that possibly someone was waiting for them elsewhere.

The family was slowly moving in so may not have had much in the house. I will go see him today.

Many of you are not at home during the day - tell your neighbors and be on the lookout for these two men and any one else who may be suspicious!! Especially if they see someone around your home. Deputy Thomas says another wave of parolees are coming - 1,500 to be released in Riverside County!

Deputy Thomas and the RSO will work with us and the Highway Patrol to see what we can do about people speeding in the neighborhood.
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