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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > La Sierra land measure headed for ballot
6/23/2014 2:37:30 PM
Ballot measure not as promotedReply: Laurie
This is a Las Vegas developer sponsored measure, promoted as preserving the land. In reality, this measure is designed to erode/eliminate existing Prop R and Measure C protections in Riverside, which currently protect this land. If passed this developer sponsored ballot measure will permit the developer to build up to 5 homes/acre-and several hundred more homes than currently permitted on this land, and preserving far less land than currently protected. In addition, if passed, land in Riverside's green belt and other areas would then be subject to far more development than currently permitted. The city of Riverside is of course in favor of passage. They stand to benefit in permit/developer fees. The city of Norco is unanimously opposed to this measure-they wil take a huge hit on additional traffic, etc, seeking to access I-15, among many other things. Let your friends in the city of Roverside know, as it will be they who vote in November.
6/23/2014 9:38:06 AM
La Sierra land measure headed for ballotPost: SteveS
Proposed development.
Check out this PE article link below.


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