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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > California Filling For Secession From The Union
11/16/2012 4:38:58 AM
Dusting off the stars and bars-BillReply: Cindy Ferry
So true and so sad. I never thought I'd see our great country come to this. The most important freedom we have, a right those in other countries would die for has become a joke now. It was interesting to watch some of these reporting links that questioned those in line to vote on those up for seats and issues on their ballot and the people that didn't know what the issues were or didn't know anything about the other candidate. They were there for one reason and one reason alone. I wonder if they even voted on other issues on their ballot. That would be interesting to see, the numbers on that. The people that voted for what was good for them and not what was good for their country. It may have been the pride and dedication one had to build and keep this country strong in order to build and keep a strong family but, that sure doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Me, I'm still packing up my belongings and moving to one of those rural, agricultural states, living the American Way and then hoping and praying America doesn't die away forever. What would we have if we didn't have America? Are the people really willing to see America gone?
11/14/2012 7:19:15 PM
The South will rise again!Reply: BillB
I'm dusting off the old Stars and Bars, and making plans to go wherever it is flown freely.

The intent of the Electoral College was to level the playing field when electing a president. Our founders feared that the less populous states would have no say in the election. Today the states practicing the  winner-takes-all process have essentially nullified the intent of the Electoral College. States like Montana, Utah, Wyoming and other rural, agricultural states might as well not even bother voting.

11/14/2012 10:59:12 AM
Lay Down - I Think Not!Reply: Cindy Ferry
I could not agree more with this. Lay down or roll over is not in me to do when it comes to me, mine and my country. I will say that I am so sick by what just happened AGAIN that I have not yet come out of my depression. I don't know that I will. I just know you'll never do anything about it when it comes to CA. Too many here love the Obama Way and will support him no matter the issue, no matter the cost, no matter if it can or can't be done. Business of all kinds are leaving CA. as they did the last time we were in this mess. Families moving out and the mark place at all levels suffering because of it. This was it for us. We have been planning our retirement. Allen has worked too hard, too long to have to set this off one more time because he will be expected to be one of the ones to pull the needed money from his pocket to pay for everything others think should be there for everyone, no matter the cost, no matter the amount of waste, no matter the misuse, no matter anything, just be there, no limits or anything. We are so close to just leaving the country, but I just cannot leave this country. I remember it the strong, brave, hard working, kind and giving place it used to be and I can't give up on the hope that we can get that back. I think CA is too far gone and I don't think we can get it back ... looking at all that coming here for the freebies. No, I will fight for my country, but I will do it from a state with some backbone and traditional work ethics and a FIRM understanding of what a helping kindness is. We don't need more laws that only create more waste and more civil servant jobs. We need only enforce the laws already on the books ... like say, the fire/weed control laws for undeveloped lands in Riverside County ... that had they just done their job and enforced these rules and laws, we wouldn't be in this mess today. So, fight I shall! I hope CA can keep from being fed to the dogs.
11/14/2012 10:41:24 AM
Secession IssueReply: Cindy Ferry
Allen and I were talking about this issue this morning.  Our question is why would they turn it over to the very ones they want to get away from for 'review?'  They are just handing them all the names and contact info. for everyone that wants to say they are NOT happy with the way this President is serving this country.  JUST a LITTLE risky, if you ask me.  And, even if we could, could we?  What would the cost of something like that run?  I would imagine you would be far better off, money ahead, to just watch the government closely and when and if you found him (President Obama) doing something illegal, see if it was impeachable and go that avenue. That in and of itself is extremely costly, but I think dollar for dollar much more productive.
11/14/2012 9:36:08 AM
Lay Down. Cower. Let It Just Happen.Reply: Hugh
OK. I understand the seceding thing is a statement. But it doesn't make it wrong. Perhaps we all should just lay down on our backs and let Socialism run us over - slowly but surely - that's the way it happens. One day you wake up and say, "What the heck is this?" The process of Socialism and destruction of our America started a mere four years ago. It's level of progress is scary. Now, we'll have four more years of digression from what our country was founded upon: Freedom.

I will not lay down. I will fight for my America: The America envisioned by our Founding Fathers; The America I want. And, I will do so to my last breath. 
11/13/2012 9:22:30 PM
Thank you for sharing this, Nathan.Reply: Gayle Geer
I was not aware of this movement in the wake of disappointment with the election results. I did a little research and the last count I was was nearly 50 states have filled petitions on The White House website.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on one's opinion), since the end of the Civil War it has been illegal to secede from the USA. The filling of a petition for secession will only serve to allow some to vent in this way. If it helps them cope I say let them have their say. Better than riots, imho.

11/13/2012 2:59:36 PM
Really?Reply: retiredbobby0
@Nathan - Is this really important for us to know?  Approx 37.5 million people in California and a minimum of 25,000 signatures have asked for secession. Does everyone really think this is the way to go? Or should we just sit down, stop being obstructionist, blinded to reality of what the election brought us and just solve our fiscal issues along with other problems? I'm personally not going to let a extremely small minority dictate the future of California. The American people have voted! California will continue to be a State of the UNITED STATES of America. 
11/13/2012 11:31:57 AM
California Filling For Secession From The UnionPost: Nathan
After the election, 30 states have started the petition process to secede from the union. Just thought I would pass this information on.

Article on the subject

White House Website Information
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