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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Fireworks Including Sparklers Are Illegal In Riverside County
7/3/2012 12:51:00 PM
Fire danger on July 4th and thereabouts...Reply: Tonette
Same here, Cindy. We haven't been able to enjoy fireworks for decades, because there are idiots who think the law doesn't matter, because they think they can set off fireworks safely, never thinking of those of us who have pets who are terrified of the noises. I hope everyone else enjoys themselves, and think of us when they do...
7/3/2012 10:55:58 AM
Remembering The Fire On The Gavilan Plateau 2005Reply: Cindy Ferry
If I am correct, that was May 3, 2005.  I may not remember the correct date, but I will NEVER forget the fire!  That thing burned right to my property line and a home at the very end and up the hill off Rolling meadows was taken in the fire, the day after the owner had signed a sale contract on the place and that never got to happen for her.  We cannot afford fireworks out here!  We just cannot.  It is FAR safer to pack the family up in the car and drive to a place where they are being done in a safe and controlled manner.  We don't ever go anywhere on the 4th of July for the very reasons listed above.  Every year we still have people that set them off and we will not risk our home going up because we were not here to protect it.  It's our 24 wedding anniv. and we still will not leave the hill.  LOL ... you know how much I hate to leave the hill anyway.
Cindy Ferry
7/3/2012 10:07:32 AM
fireReply: Laurie
Be safe, all.

Those who were here and those who were threatened and/or evacuated by the Cerritos fire here just a few years back,  understand too well what can happen when just a spark or two accidently meet dry brush.

16,460 acres were burned, 28 structures were destroyed (mostly outbuildings, but at least one resident on the plateau lost thier home).  Thankfully, no lives lost. (Figures are from from Cal Fire).
7/3/2012 9:45:04 AM
Fireworks and FactsReply: BillB

Dry statistics are always interesting and usually stacked to make a user's point. For the record just what are the statistics on PROPERTY DAMAGE from fireworks v/s horseback riding? This might seem more appropriate since we are in a huge fire-prone area with many horse owners.

While I too am always leery of those who impose controls on the public in the name of safety and security, occasionally there is a legitimate need for controls. Otherwise our REPUBLIC would be ruled by anarchy. It is just those controls that the good people in a DEMOCRACY must keep under check.

7/3/2012 8:45:43 AM
Fireworks and FactsReply: Nathan
        While I completely agree that fireworks can cause fire and we are in a high fire danger area and yes they are illegal, I just thought I would take a moment to point out some facts as every year this simple tradition is attacked by the powers that be and like everything is always in the name of safety and security.

I did a little digging and found it interesting that for starters, did you know that horse back riding is far more dangerous than fireworks are? I know it sounds crazy as we are always taught to fear something that may connect us to our past and our freedoms.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, for every 16,666 people there is 1 serious injury from fireworks.

While according to a Landmark study by Dr.J.L. Firth, the ratio of serious injury from horse back riding accidents is 1 for every 3,837 people.

Also, according to a study from Harvard last year, it has been shown that those that celebrate independence day will be more likely to vote, become active in their community and oh I almost forgot become 2% more Republican (Republic Like).

While this sounds super bad and I know we would never want people to love and celebrate the REPUBLIC they were gifted, the facts are the facts and I wish everyone would stop the effort on attacking our freedoms. I do not include Cindy here, as she is just a messenger of good cause that just struck a cord for me.

The facts show that you are 4.5 times more likely to get injured from horse back riding but no one is screaming to stop that (yet). Maybe it is because it does not instill the "evil" Republic Values this Country was founded on, or maybe they just can not find a good way to spin the ban of horse back riding yet in the name of safety and security for others. I mean after all, I get people's horses pooping in front of my house all the time, what if I were to slip on that poop and crack my head open. Would it then be a good enough case to get the officials to ban it? Maybe if it left me living in a degraded way of life then everyone would feel sorry for me and understand the safety concern.

OK, I just wanted to point out some FACTS as we always believe the hype and it is frustrating hearing an attack on our Countries history and the people we try to celebrate that fought to give us our freedoms every year in the name of ....wait for it.... SAFETY and SECURITY. Which by the way are 2 of our 4 human instincts for those that are unaware. Amazing how they use those every time.

Cindy is correct, they are unfortunately illegal and in our high fire area, I too would not encourage any use of them.

I just like to make sure we all know the facts and that this one is constantly on the attack from big brother and is frustrating.
7/2/2012 6:10:06 PM
Fireworks Including Sparklers Are Illegal In Riverside CountyPost: Cindy Ferry
Please remember to stay fire safe on Wed. and before and after Wed. ZERO ... ZERO Tolerance for those whom possess illegal fireworks.
Reports of fireworks going off in the Gavilan Park, mobile home park last night around 8 p.m. have been noted by the area fire dept. and Sheriff's Dept. A request for partrols of the area has been made. This is FAR to dangerous an area for fireworks. Some cities have approved the "Safe and Sane" fireworks and you can go use them there. There will be places to watch fireworks and we encourage those that enjoy the fireworks to go watch them. The ZERO Tolerance is not just from the County, from the Fire Dept. and from the Sheriff's Dept. It is also from may residents that pay far too high an premium on their insurance to risk having it canceled due to illegal fireworks. A band of concerned residents will be on the alert and will be calling in to the county agencies ANY reports of fireworks going off in the Greater Lake Mathews Area, that's a 74.5 sq. mile area of unincorporated Riverside County, so if you're getting this post, the chances are EXSTREAMLY GOOD that you fall within this area.
Please also be mindful that your pets will need extra care the next few days, as their hearing is very sensitive and fireworks over-stress dogs. Dogs and cats can show elevated stress levels and changed behavior. Getting out of the house, out of fenced yards and so on is very common this time of year. You will want to keep in mind their stress issues and levels when having to leave them for any period of time over the next few days.
I wish every one a joyful Fourth-of-July and may we do so with no fires, no homes lost, no people harmed and with all of our animals being kept safe from harm.
Cindy Ferry
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