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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > County Should HAVE TO Go Out For Competitive Bids On Contracts
5/6/2012 9:54:40 AM
W hat a waste!Reply: Roy
The County is bemoaning the loss of 229 employees, which they say is about 1.2% of the total, with more likely (which is probably a good thing unless you are one of them).  Projected revenue, based on falling property taxes and a poor employment prospects are not generating the sales taxes that were hoped for.  And yet there seems to be tax money to waste on tech-toys that do not give us much bang for the buck as citizens, and those toys will certainly result in government over-reach, reducing freedom and liberty even further.  We need the names of those who approved funding for this waste.  
5/5/2012 5:03:03 PM
County Should HAVE TO Go Out For Competitive Bids On ContractsPost: Cindy Ferry
Agenda Item 3.16: So, why isn't the Sheriff/Coroner's Department going out to public bid for mapping system? I'm sure there is more than one computer mapping system company out there. I tried to look up this company they want to go with, without going out to competitive bid in the private sector. It brought the page up and then locked it saying it couldn't find that page ... when I was looking right at the page!!!!
So, that had to get me wondering why it would bring the page up and then lock it up and try to tell me it couldn't find it. The agenda says, "Approval of a Sole Source Purchase of Helicopter On-Board Mapping Systems " I also noticed on the companies web page that is showed them connected to the GSA. I knew that was government so I looked into it even more. Ariel surveillance is what it is. Please, don't give me that line about, "Well, if you're not doing anything wrong, what's the problem?" This IS the problem. It takes away your right to be secure in your home. Look at what all this system will allow them to go ... to you ... to your property ... any time ... for any reason ... just for fun even. And, if it can see this close into your backyard, can it see right into your living room or bedroom?
And, what will a system like this cost us, the taxpayers that will be paying for it? When there is no money, can we and should we be spending money on expensive equipment like this? Wouldn't the money be better spent on fixing our roads, putting a full time patrol car out in our area, manning it with one to two officers? I mean, once they lock the device onto the car or person, that's all well and good, but isn't it going to take patrol car to pull it over and take them in? Will it just track and wait for a car to get out here? Will they even send it up for calls to a rural area? They don't like spending money on rural areas now. What will it cost to send this thing up now that it will have that new equipment and can do so much more? What's it cost to have that thing up in the air and what is the manditor air time the thing HAS TO BE up in the air?
Then we can move on to agenda item: 3.17, the request by the Sheriff/Coroner for "Approval of DataWorks Plus as the Sole Source Provider of a Digital Imaging Management System for the Forensic Services Bureau " Sounds like some computer system to record evidence and such. It's SO MUCH MORE than that. How about VOICE and IRIS (eye-ball) RECOGNITION. You know how no matter what county agency you call for services, they want to know your name and your address ... when you don't have to give it? You know how they tell you that if you don't give it they will not send someone out? Welcome to Voice Recognition! Ever spoken at a county hearing or called the police dept.? Your voice was recorded and could now be "recognized" by this system. It won't matter what info. you do or do not wish to give about yourself or what rights to privacy you may have, they will know who you are.
You do know that if for any reason the take your fingerprints and you are not found guilty, they have to destroy that info. Do you think this system will? Do you think they will tell you, "Oh, we deleted that off our computer" while we all know that deleting it doesn't take it off the whole system and I'm sure not off this kind of system.
Nope, this is Big Brother moves to Riverside!
And what will that system cost us?
Cindy Ferry
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