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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Produce Market Proposed In Open Space/Conservation Zone
9/8/2010 9:36:03 PM
Produce Market Proposed In Open Space/Conservation ZonePost: Cindy Ferry
On Thurs. Sept. 16, 2010 the Land Development Committee will hold a hearing in regard to a proposed plan to build a produce market with an area currently zoned as Open Space/Conservation and within our, Lake Mathews/Woodcrest Area Plan of the counties General Plan.  I'll be scanning some of the maps for this project and need input from you for us to take to the county.  Please check back for updates and maps.
Project Information:
Accessor Parcel Number (APN): 270-190-007 and also 270-200-057
Plot Plan # 24559
Specific Plan # 270
Applicant: Daniel Wishard
Engineer/Rep: Wishard Architects
Project Location: Northerly of El Sobrante Dr., easterly of La Sierra Ave., and southerly of Blackburn Rd.
0.71 Gross Acres
Proposal: Construct a 1,649 sq. ft. produce market on the site.
    Project would also consist of 3,407 sq. ft. of landscaping and twenty parking spaces, to which one would be a handicap accessible parking spot.
Contact: Riverside County Project Planner:
    Jeff Horn
    (951) 955-4641
    Land Development Committee
    Riverside County Planning Department
    P.O. Box 1409
    Riverside, CA. 92502-1409
Maps and graphs to follow.  Please look for additional posts on this project under the subject line of "Victoria Grove Produce Market."
Cindy Ferry
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