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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Western Municipal Water District Overcharging You!
9/9/2014 11:17:44 PM
Trash Pick Up Rate IncreaseReply: Gayle Geer
Has anyone successfully had their increase decreased? We are not in a hard to service area, but our rate has increased $16.
6/2/2014 2:41:12 PM
Registering a well?Reply: Michelle Randall
I don't know anything about registering a well, but I'd like to find out what they're up to.  Down in Orange County some years ago the water district declared that well users were stealing "their" water from the aquifer.  They then put meters on private wells and charged the owners for the water. As to solar pumps, Grundfos is the world standard as far as I know.  I recently found a Canadian company selling solar pumps lots cheaper than Grundfos on Ebay.  I think they are at northamericansolar.com. When you buy a solar pump, you need to know how much water your well will produce and how much "head" you're going to pump.  The head is the rise from the water to the top of the tank you'll pump into. That will determine the size of the pump.  There are lots of American companies making solar pumps now, and also lots of Chinese companies manufactering solar pumps.  I don't know how good they are, but they used them in China long before we started. Just do your homework.
6/2/2014 10:25:19 AM
Water Post TextReply: Nathan
        Please feel free to pass on this post. Please know that once things are posted on this site, it becomes public information and you are welcome to post or share it. Thank you for asking as it is a very kind thought but please go ahead. Unfortunately there is so much more to this issue then anyone wishes to see. We need to keep up the fight and keep the information coming.

I would simply ask one question.

Who has enough money to allow them to cut off their own survival resources for ANY reason?

Last time I checked humans can not live without water. We stop the flow of water for a fish, we continue to build more homes and we have a very large illegal immigration problem. These all require the same resources as we do already. While I am not opposed to trying to protect endangered species, and I love our constitutional 5th amendement which allows personal property rights and I certainly understand the appeal of coming to America whether legal or not, but how long can we ignore the water shortage problem they claim we have and how much are we willing to pay to restrict ourselves?

I simply ask again, who has that kind of money to simply not care about their own resources? I would also ask, if the leaders choose to do nothing about this shortage problem other than charging us more money to continually state we have a problem that always needs to be fixed, I would ask if there is truly a problem or is this just a way to turn more "profit/power". I would say that the numbers do not lie no matter what they say to us. Just my two.
6/2/2014 10:24:32 AM
In Reply to KeptSterReply: Hugh
Extremely well put.
6/2/2014 9:44:17 AM
Amen to what Nathan said, and moreReply: KepSter
Nathan my brother, you are right on the money with your post.

I am sick and tired of government at all levels forgetting that they are supposed to be serving us, and not themselves.  They, like any company's employees, should have ZERO guarantee of a job.  California is an At-Will state, and that means you can be fired if you didn't make the coffee right in the morning (and making the coffee isn't even part of your job description). Their wages and benefits should be aligned with the average of regular employees.  There should be independent audits of all retirement benefits, and re-alignment of the benefits to that of the average private companies in the area.

There needs to be an audit of how many people it takes to fix a water meter, and so forth.  Time and time again, I see four or five guys standing around, and one person doing the work.  This is also true of other county agencies.  Yet, if money is tight, they like to invent ways to preserve the jobs, and get them the raises or retirement that they desire, and WE THE PEOPLE are paying for it in increased rates and so forth.  The louder they bark back to us when we complain, the more they have to hide and defend.  That is normal human behavior.

I am tired of being told how much water I can use in the form of graduated usage charges, only so they can bring in more water to fund new construction, and more demands on the system.  I am all for saving water, but the whole system is corrupt.  Yes, water is expensive to bring from far off places, but I have zero faith in the people doing it.  There is just too much waste and money being exchanged for one of life's necessities.  Water companies are supposed to serve the needs of the people, not the other way around.

As the old saying, sometimes erroneously attributed to Samuel Langhorne Clemens states, "Whiskey is for drinking.  Water is for fighting."  It's time to fight.  Dig the wells, install the solar pumps, share the costs, and force the agencies to be responsive to the NEEDS of the people they are supposed to serve.

6/2/2014 9:43:48 AM
Registering a Well?Reply: Dar
So glad to see this thread! I, too, am very interested in the solar pumps as well, so please share! I do have a quick question for those of you who do have a well...Last week, WMWD approached my sister when she was in the driveway. She was told that we need to register our well. She told them to send a formal request, in writing. Has anyone else had this experience? We've lived here, this time around, for 8 years and the well was here when we moved in. Having been in the community previously and having water bills that exceeded $1000/month in the summer, we were thrilled to move to a property with a well! No one has ever made this request before. Looking forward to your reply!
6/2/2014 8:51:23 AM
WellReply: J.Mernick
A newer well that is not in use sits about 20 feet from my property line.  It would be intersting to share it.

What solor company did you use?
6/1/2014 11:18:52 PM
I live in Riverside CA, and we also have issues with reliability and other charges re: WaterReply: twodogkd
If you are interested in the issues City of Riverside water users are having (and part of Riverside residents --including my nephew -- get water I believe from WMWD) see the http://thirtymilesofcorruption.com website.   Quite a number of articles going back, with lots of details and links to source documents.  Do not recall if it includes WMWD documents.

One of the issues they have been focusing on is Water, the fact that users should only be charged the costs to get water to one's home, should not be charged for capital expansion via water rates (capital expansion should be put to a vote and added to property tax).  

There is quite a bit of information on their website, and if you wanted to speak to those who write the articles on the website I know the folks.

I am not sure if they have info from the WMWD website you indicated above, so I will provide them and my nephew with the link cited.

I would like to provide them the full text of your message BUT WILL NOT do so unless I am told it is OK to do so.

Karen Doris Wright
951 204-3252
6/1/2014 12:24:56 PM
regarding the cost of a well.Reply: Michelle Randall
We have been on well water for many years. You can call the Riverside County Planning Dept for the present cost of a permit. Your permit includes the County testing the well, so it's not a bad deal. The last permit we pulled was cheap, but times change. Wells are drilled by the foot, and some drillers have a move-in fee and a minimum footage to drill. Ours was $15.00 per foot with a 200' minimum, but it's probably twice that now.  Call a few drillers and ask, then tell us all what you learn. Remember there's no guarantee you won't get a dry hole.  Electric pumps and pipe are relatively cheap.  If your well isn't too deep, you can use schedule 40.  If it's 300' or more, you have to go to galvanized and that's a different deal. The biggest rub is that what the MWD loses, Edison gains. We have lots to water, and were running two wells a lot in the summer. You know Edison charges per tier of water use and they have 5 tiers. With only 1hp pumps, our year-round average electric bill was $300. per mo. About 5 years ago we went solar with Grundfos pumps and 5000 gallons of storage. Grundfos pumps are now about $2500.  Solar panels are cheap if you shop around. My electric bill is now about $40.00 per mo. (I don't need to heat or air condition).  Those solar pumps are the greatest thing since popcorn!! They are working flawlessly and long ago paid for themselves.
5/31/2014 10:55:11 AM
Just a thoughtReply: J.Mernick
It would be interesting to me at least to knowmore about the exact costs of putting in a well with all related hookup andpumping costs. Even a shared well with adjoining properties would beinteresting to entertain.  I have ageneral idea but not specific.   
5/30/2014 1:53:36 PM
Western Municipal Water District Overcharging You!Post: Nathan
I know our rates are already ridiculous. I am already frustrated with the automatic rate increases every year that the board does not have to vote on. Oh and then there is the $21/acre they want to put on the tax role this year for us all. And how could I forget about the 13% reliability charge increase in our area coming this October.

All of this is very frustrating and it is hard for me to figure out how they justify it all. Well I just found a website with some very interesting information about how WMWD is over charging its customers to the tune of $14 million.


Wow, I wonder how we ever get through the drought periods where people do not use as much water. They would take in less money due to less usage. That's right, automatic increases, absurd reliability charges and tax roll payments what was I thinking. Get ready for more increases in the coming months.
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